Tuesday, December 23, 2008

where have i been?

what the heck have i been doing? i haven't updated this thing in forever! Let's see - training for the buckeye 50k is going pretty well. Steve and I did his first 20 mile run ever - he did an awesome job - he doesn't get whiney and b$%chy like i do towards the end of a long run. I'm getting excited about Disney... how bout i got a jury duty summons for the week we are suppose to be in Disney? Thank goodness i called and got it postponed fot a few weeks. I was thinking i was going to have to send one of you guys with steve in my place! Well -- in just a few hours i will be on vacation for the rest of the year... so hopefully i'll get some good runs in and have some time to catch up on my blogging. At least - steve will be futher behind in updating his blog than me...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

getting back on track

This week I actually went ahead and put my workouts on my outlook calendar. Figured if i had them actually scheduled in my day - i'd have a better chance of actually getting the workouts in. Today's track workout may kill me though. What to do - face the horrors of a treadmill - or a freezing cold track in the dark. i'm almost thinking the dark track sounds best...
Last night i squeezed in an "easy" 4 miler on the track at the gym and then a 20 minute pathetic attempt at a swim between work and a banquet i had to go to. When i say easy - I can't run easy when i am at a track on the gym - b/c inevitable some guy will come out on the track and try to run you over to prove their manhood by proving that they are moving faster than you - although usually they are just running a half a mile or something. So - I tend to get like a dog that's told he can't chase an ambulance when i'm running around the track - and finally i can't take it anymore - and I just let it all out for a few laps just to pass those stupid guys. So my "easy" 4 - turned into a bit more of a tempo run - can't be totally sure as i forgot my watch and had to rely on a digital clock - so if it said 5:20 - i had no idea if it was 5:20:01 or 5:20:59. Oh well that's all for now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what i learned today

3 reasons why people in ohio generally do not do track workouts in the winter

1.) it's dark

2.) it's cold

3.) running around the track in the dark and the cold really stinks.

Thanks to steve for getting my butt out to the track at 8:45 tonight when i got home - and for keeping me out there til i finished my workout - and even pacing me on my last couple intervals. He's the best!

Back at it again

After getting two back to back trail runs in this weekend - i finally feel like I'm back to it again. Which is a good thing - b/c I think that my body is genetically engineered such that when i don't exercise on a regular scheudle for a few weeks everything i eat goes directly to my butt. Seriously you should see the pants I have on today - who let me out of the house in a pair of pants that looks like it is being swallowed by my ass? I'll blame steve. ha!
Anyway - what has been going on. No news on the moley moley moley moley front. Got a card in the mail the other day that looked like an invitation of some sort I opened it and it said "please call your doctor immediately regarding your biopsy" good thing i had talked to them already or i would have cried all night. I'm still waiting for steve's aunt to give us the name of some of the doctors she's worked at at the clinic.
On the running front Steve and I ran 8 miles of blue hen falls the other day. Boy that is a lot tougher than pine lane. The first couple of miles were fun... miles 3-4 got rough - miles 5-6 i worried i wouldn't make it back -- miles 7-8 were fun again. we were suppose to run 12 - but we got such a late start that i was starving! So we called it a day and went home to eat steve's awesome home made stew! Saturday night we went to a night at the races fundraiser. I love those things - $10-$20 for all you can eat/drink plus you get to bet on horse races that were recorded in like 1962. I think stuff like that is hilarious. We had fun - and I behaved myself enough that when we met amie and Todd for another 8 miles on pine lane on sunday i was in good shape. That run went really well - we're not exactly blazing through the trails - but i can definately tell that i am getting more confident running on the uneven terrain. I'm really interested to see how my running will improve after training for this 50k. Trail runs are hard work! I have to do my track workout later tonight in the cold and dark by myself - fortunately steve is going to come and watch so I don't have any weirdo issues... I hope to get a tempo run in wednesday night - any takers for a run wednesday night after work? and then saturday is 14 on the trails and i think sunday is 8 on the trails. Hope you are all having a great week!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am so tired of doctors. I have been to the doctor more times in the last two months than i think i have in my entire life. Not only did I have my stupid bronchitis etc. that wouldn't go away... but 4 months ago a co-worker and I were talking about her trip to the dermetologist. She was going their to have a mole removed. Well that got me to thinking about a mole that i had on my leg that looked like it had changed shape. Ok - i know this is gross and no one really cares. However - i'll carry on. So I decided to go to the doctor - my appointment was 2 weeks ago - where of course she decided to biopsy said mole. So now i have a giant hole in my leg and no bandaids left in my house. At the rate this was healing i was thinking maybe i could get back in the pool in another two weeks... Well the doctor tells me - we'll let you know in 1-2 weeks the results either way of the biopsy. So today is 2 weeks - i still have heard nothing. Girl at work informs me that when there was something wrong they called her right away and sent her to a plastic surgeon... otherwise i was probably fine. So I call the doctor and they call me back and inform me that this is a "very abnormal mole" that i will need to go have a larger hole of skin removed from leg - one requiring stitches. I said is it cancerous? She said it is "a very abnormal mole" that will most likely turn into cancer. What the heck does that mean? Is this just a CYA for the doctor? Am i seriously going to get skin cancer if I don't let them hack another whole into my leg? Is boring into my leg really going to prevent cancer? Judging from my experience and my co-worker's it seems like this doctor just likes to cut things off of people! So stitches - how long do you think they'll tell me i'm not allowed to run or swim for after that one?
I know i know - IF this is cancerous than missing a few weeks of running and swimming is well worth it to prevent cancer... I just don't know if i believe them. "very abnormal" coming from somone that seems to like to cut a lot of people up - just makes me sceptical. So that's what's going on with me today. needed to vent. I don't want to go get another hole cut in my leg

Friday, October 17, 2008

what to do with one's self...

Day 5 of no running or exercise. I'm getting better - only 2.5 more days on antibiotics - which is good b/c it's reeking havic on my stomach... haven't taken cough medicine during the day for the last couple of days. Cough seems to flare up in the evening mostly... I told steve i was going to go for a run on saturday - and I had a massive coughing attack. Think that was my body's way of saying hey dummy - get completely better before you try running me down again. It's going to be hard - but i am going to try and give my body a full week off to get completely better before i run. In the meantime I feel lost. No workouts to over analyze or worry about -- just worrying about the size of my waistline as I continue to eat like I am running a marathon everyday. Not being able to finish a race is even more frustrating than just a bad race. I was disappointed after the pig in may - but I still ran my little heart out and got a p.r. - there was some accomplishment there - but this failed attempt at a run is killing me. If only I had not tried to squeeze in my last 20 miler when i was sick... perhaps i would have gotten better after a week... perhaps not. Should i try and run another race? Have I lost too much fitness being sick for the last 4.5 weeks?
It's more than a let down to train for 4 months for something and just not have it happen - it's like something's missing - I don't think i really want to run another marathon right now - don't know that i have it in me - and I worry that it would be really ugly if I tried... It's just really weird - it's like traveling a long way to get somewhere - only when you get there - wherever your were suppose to be going isn't there. What do you do? turn back around? go off in another direction? or just keep plugging along in the same direction - and hope that the place you were looking for will show up a few miles down the road?
So I sent in our race applications for the buckeye 50k -- other than that - i just don't know what is next. I wish i could enjoy this down time - but when you didn't complete the goal you set out to do - you can't really enjoy the rest in the same way...
have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Worst Case Scenario

Let me start off by congratulating Amie and Janet on the perfect day Sunday - perfect weather - perfect race everything went perfectly according to plan! I am soooo very excited for them!

That being said - going into yesterday's race - i had the mentality of "worse case scenario - i just finish" ha ha ha ha. Well... is there such a thing as the "even worse case scenario?" As amie said - she knew i was in trouble when i couldn't keep up with them walking to the starting line because of the sharp pains in my ribs. I ran the first mile with amie - and knew i just couldn't do it - that I wasn't 100% yet. And suprisingly I was ok - with that - i backed off my pace and decided to just take it easy and run a nice even paced marathon. Well I was walking by mile two. I couldn't breath - and even worse... I had sharp shooting pains in my ribs and side stitch - like pain that was really just soreness from all the coughing i had been doing.
So i backed down the pace to about a 9 minute mile - figured i can do this for the rest of the race - heck all of my long runs were faster than that. Not so - by the time i got to lock 29 (mile 3.5) I was seriously doubting if I would be able to finish - but i kept plugging on - walking and running. I tried to tell myself to only take a walk break every mile - but it quickly became every half mile and every quarter mile. At mile 6.5 my family was cheering for me like crazy and they kept saying "your time is fine" i think at that point i would have still been around a 4 hour pace - which would have been "fine" However, I was slowly getting worse. I had absoultely nothing in me - there was no deep place to dig down to - I have never felt so weak before. I told elizabeth i felt like i had the strength of a piece of paper. Well i passed my family at lock 29 again and I stopped to talk to them. I said I don't know that i can finish this to day - I've got nothing in me. I wasn't upset - i wasn't being dramatic or head case - i simply knew my body couldn't do this. They tried to get me to get in the car with them at that point - but i said - no i'm going to make it back to boston store. When i passed Elizabeth - she said - if you are having fun keep going - if not it's not worth it. Well i passed thru the halfway mark at 2:15 - yeah i know about a half hour off pace - but with the way i felt i figured if i could finish with a 4:30 - i would be just fine with that. At boston store - i convinced steve to come with me - but all i could do was walk. I would try to "jog" for about 30 seconds and I would start coughing so badly that I couldn't breath. Steve figured i should stop - but i said "no i'm finishing what I started" So we walked... if you can call 20min/mile even walking. I tried so hard - but that's all my body would do. I decided if my family was at station road i would accept a ride home. Well - they weren't there. So I thought - they must be at the turn - i'll get a ride there - well the turn was way further out than i thought - I had to sit down a few times before we got there - and when we got there - it was just in the middle of the road - the closest access point was station road. So the very cheerful volunteer crew there lent me a cell phone and I called my dad to come meet us at station road. So i made it to almost mile 22. You may be thinking - if you made it that far - why not just finish? At the rate I was moving - it would have taken me at least an hour and a half to finsh those four miles - which would have put me past the cut off -and would have done more damage than good. When i finally came to grips that i was going to quit - i started to cry - i trained harder for this race - than any previous races - and until about 4 weeks ago when i got this nasty bug - i was in my best shape ever. Well i soon learned that crying does not help one breath - and the coughing and associated pain in my stomach and ribs quickly made me stop crying and wallowing in my own self pity. Steve was great to walk all those miles with me - especially with the way the rangers were out there chasing people off the path. I think they looked at me - and thought - well if she falls down - and at least he'll have to pick her up - so they kind of ignored the fact that he didn't have a bib number on or a chip on his shoe. So that's that. I trained for four months and I couldn't even finish the race.
I went to the doctor for my follow up appointment. Ruptured ear drum - still ruptured... ribs - bruised from all the violent coughing -- mental note if your ribs hurt while walking to the start line - call it a day and enter a different race! Still have the ear infections and bronchitis. So round two of the antibiotics and if i'm not better in a week - i have referral to get a chest xray. Good news though - she's pretty sure that it's not pnemonia. I get winded walking around the house - but if i sit still on my butt i feel pretty good. Dr. steve says no exercise this week at all - and i can't argue with him. What does that mean for this marathon season? I don't know yet - we'll see how quickly i can get better - but i think i may just let this one go - and focus on running a fun race at disney in january... whew that was one long post!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

holy crap

the towpath marathon is in 4 well 3 days. do you count today and they day of the event? or just the days in between. No matter -- it's ALMOST here. I am going back and forth between - oh this is going to be fun - just think of it as another run in the park - to feeling really pumped and knowing this is going to be a great race to realizing that the meds the doctor put me on are causing me to shake and giving me all sorts of stomach issues.

I guess that's the evil/beauty of a marathon - you train for four months and you never know what you are going to get race day. Ugh - i can't spend the next 3-4 days being nervous... must think positive good thoughts....

Monday, October 06, 2008

I busted my ear drum

I've been feeling under the weather for almost three weeks now. I'm not dying but I don't feel well - and rather than going away it's getting worse. Well with the marathon now only six days away - i finally went to the doctor. I was crossing my fingers that she wouldn't say "it's just a cold - have some chicken soup" that she would actually give me some drugs to make this thing go away! So she informs me that i have bronchitis and an ear infection - and... a ruptured ear drum. I knew I ruptured it last week - it hurt so bad - but everyone at work laughed at me -- turns out I really did it! So the doc said if I'm not breathing better by the end of the week - to call and she'll get me an inhaler. So hopefully by the end of this week i'll be feeling like my old self and be ready to crush this marathon!! Glad this wasn't all in my head - and that I really have been sick and that I actually have something to make it better!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A B and C goals

After some email chat with my wise running friend mr whittaker... I am feeling wayyyy better about next sunday. First off - Brian will be out there around mile 20-22 - and is going to run me in if i need it - which will be awesome - especially if my super speedy cohorts have left me by that point! Number two - brian was telling me to set an A B and C goal -all of which I will be satisfied with... so here they go.

A. 3:40:49

B. 3:50

C. Break 4 hrs

Hopefully it will be an "A" kind of day... but hey a "C" is a passing grade as well no? I was also looking at the calendar - b/c come end of january my current job position should be changing. Well to put that amount of time in perspective - I will have run 2 marathons (towpath and disney) and hopefully my first 50k (buckeye winter 50k) between now and the time I get into my new position. Crazy when I look at it that way.

Last night Steve and I ran on pine lane for about 6 miles - it gets dark so fast! When we got done I noticed they have signs posted saying that the towpath will be closed october 12th for the marathon!!! I can't believe it's almost here!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

digging out of a funk

Training had been going so well... then a few weeks before taper - I ran into a few injuries. I was able to still run well but had to cut back a bit - to keep my foot on track. Well after a couple weeks of that - apparently my foot decided it wanted a real rest so it went out and got a nasty cold and stuck it in my head and lungs. Such a nasty cold that I did not run my 20 miler on the sunday morning I planned. I actually bailed on my running buddies that morning - which in my eyes is a big no no. So determined to get the miles in - i did my run monday night. I pushed too hard... and basically knocked myself out for the week. Friday night I decided to do the akron half marathon. So we ran down to akron got me signed up - grabbed some dinner and went to bed. I woke up every hour on the hour b/c I was afraid I would over sleep. Got down to the race with plenty of time - warmed up a little bit - but was so out of it - i thought the race started down by the stadium - so i was wandering around confused. I eventually made it up to the start. My goal was to run a little faster than race pace. Just so I could see how that felt - and practice getting through the water stops and staying on pace. Well the first mile felt like i was really pushing it. It was a 8:19 -- when your goal marathon pace is 8:24 -- that's not exactly pushing it. So mile 2 - i started walking. I felt awful. It was like I was in a dream where no matter how hard you try you can't run - even though someone is chasing you. It took everything i had not to duck into the parking and get in my car and leave without finishing the race. I told myself that I couldn't wear my shirt from the race if i didn't finished - and besides - no matter how bad a day I am having - i'm not going to quit a race. So I plodded on. Walked a lot. Learned that I need to take my water belt with me. The race seemed to like to taunt you with the idea of a water stop. you would see a sign that said "aid station ahead" and I swear it would be another half mile til you got the water. It seemed long enough when you were thirsty - that you started thinking perhaps you missed the water stop. So anyway - it was an ugly ugly ugly day. Not as slow as my first half marathon - but almost 25 minutes slower than i ran at the river run. So what are you going to do? Well if you are me you worry and freak out and start doubting yourself. Well that was Saturday. Yesterday (Tuesday) amie asked if i was up for our last real track workout. I was not - i was nervous that I forgot how to run. But i knew i needed to go. It ended up being a good workout. I whined and complained because task mater glen was there - and he was trying to make sure that we weren't giving ourselves too much recovery time (which we still did) It made for a tough workout - and i was a little worried about over doing it. But - even with going out to fast on my first set - I kept the others consistant and right in the right pace zone. So I left the track feeling a 1000 times better.
On my drive home I got to thinking about the upcoming towpath and started worrying about the bq. Then I started laughing at myself. If you would have told me when I was training for my first marathon (4:48) that i would someday be obsessing about qualifying for boston - i would have laughed in your face. When did I go from - let's see if i can finish a marathon - to hmm i like this running stuff - i'd like to try to get faster - to this self depricating freak that is worried about running a 3:40. It's good to have goals - but why can't I ever be proud of myself for what i have done? I'm never going to win a marathon - I'm never going to go to the olympics - but I'm a pretty good runner. If you look at the common person - we are all pretty damn good runners. We run marathons and triathlons for goodness sake - we do something that most people don't even attempt! So i'm going to go out there in less than 2 weeks - knowing that i'm a pretty good damn runner. I am going to have the best run i can -- the towpath is home turf - I know the course well. It's going to hurt - but i am going to run smart - and i am not going to feel sorry for myself when things start to hurt. I am going to go out and try to qualify for boston. If it doesn't happen - then i am going to run the best race I can - and go for the biggest pr I can. and ... i am going to be damn proud of myself for finishing my 4th marathon. I will qualify for boston either in two weeks or someday - but i need to remember to run for the love of the sport - and not get so bogged down with splits and times and paces. i need to run to run - because it is what helps keep me right.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

high school cross country

Today was quite a day. I took my grandpa to see my old high school cross country team race. It was really interesting watching the girls run. I could see in so many of them - myself - especially at that age... thinking that you have given it your all - when really you are capable of much more - if only you wouldn't be afraid to push past your limits. I wanted so badly to jump into that race - and do my high school running career over again. I could have been really good. If only I had believed in myself. I don't want to go to a marathon someday when I'm not able to run and think - wow if only I would have pushed myself - I could have been pretty good. Now is the time to go after what i want and to see what I am made of.
So I was feeling pretty inspired by the time we were ready to leave the race. My grandpa - however was not - he was feeling pretty sick. Long story short - on the way to the car Grandpa started not feeling well and was having a hard time walking. I took off to see if I could find the cop I had seen earlier b/c I was pretty sure we were going to need help. By the time i turned around - my grandpa had passed out - and fortunately steve had caught him and laid him down on the ground. Well the next race had to wait to start b/c not only did one ambulance show up -- but two fire trucks that were blocking the course. Grandpa tried to get up - b/c he was embarrassed but we kept him down and made sure we got him to the hospital. Still not sure what caused it. Grandpa claims he didn't fall and he didn't pass out. I guess it's not falling if someone catches you! He was certainly not responsive for a good minute - though he denies that too. The hospital has decided to keep him over night to run some more tests. So keep him in your thoughts - hopefully they will find what caused him to pass out.
But I digress from positive thoughts. I've just finished reading the latest issue of runners world - and I've paraphrased, edited and plagerized some quotes in there. I've printed them out - as my Towpath to Boston Positive Thoughts. Here they are.

Towpath to Boston Positive Thoughts

To dread a race is to give it too much power, to start strategizing about how to get over it, to calculate your strength versus its distance and grade is a lost-cause algorithm. Only you can work out your relationship to the hill you’re on.
Only you can outrun that inner goon who has not faith in you at all.

There will be a day when you can no longer do this. Today is not that day.

I’ve never regretted going for a run, but I have regretted skipping one.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Highs and Lows

So - I finally had a good workout this week - so I followed it up with a crappy slogfest of a tempo run this morning. Poor Elizabeth was forced to hang with my slow butt. Big thanks to her for being patient and running with me. Just felt like I was running through wet cement. Oh wait we actually did run through some wet cement at one point this morning! Oh well - there are a thousand factors that played into why I didn't have a good run - but the bottom line is they happen - and bad runs are not magic eight balls that predict the outcome of your upcoming race -- that is - not unless you let them. So I am going to put it behind me and be glad that it is done... and be glad that it is friday. Let's see what I learned today.

1.) I still do not know how to use my garmin - I am garmin handicapped - anyone who spends $300 on a piece of technology like that should at least be able to tell you how far and at what pace they ran. Nope not me - elizabeth had to take it from me like i was mentally handicapped so we could figure out how far we actually ran.

2.) There is a plus to sun glare - it makes downtown look beautiful as the sun bounces of the buildings

3.) I do not know my way around the flats like I thought. Took a wrong turn today and spent 25 minutes touring the area -- recognized a lot of places from the st. malachi run - but could not get out!!

4.) fall is definately upon us - my hands were freezing this morning and my nose was running like a leaky faucet!

Ok that's all for today.

Oh here is something odd for you. So as runners we are pretty much all aware of our body size and weight. And... if someone were to say to you - hey you look like you've lost some weight - it's usually a compliment. Well I went to this dinner last night and I ran into an ex co-worker. She said to me... and I quote "you look really thin - I didn't recognize you. You look sick - have you not been feeling well" I am by no means sickly thin - but had I been - why would you say that to someone? what if i was battling some disease and i didn't want to tell you about it? you don't tell someone they look sickly - that would be like telling someone - gee you look a little heavy - have you been emotionally eating lately? ugh. people are weird. ok - that's really it for today... HAPPY FRIDAY!!! ONE MORE 20 MILER AND IT IS TAPER TIME!!! WOO HOO!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

when will i learn?

Why haven't I learned my lesson? Why do I think that each time I go up to the track by myself - that it will be a normal experience - a nice workout surrounded by other people happily working out? Why do I keep thinking that there will be no weirdos?
Last night - i had to work late - and amie I weren't meeting for our usual track workout. Well after having missed a few track workouts in a row b/c of my foot and etc... I wanted to make sure I got my workout in. So I drove up to the track to make sure there was no football practice or anything - went home farted around for a while - my neighbor stopped by - so long story short - i didn't get out the door til almost 7:45 - with the way it is getting dark so fast - i didn't want to be starting that late - but what can you do.
I go to the track to do my warmup -and it was fairly normally - people walking on the inside lanes etc - but no bikes or anything. There was also a group of what looked like parents having a meeting in the bleachers - but there were no kids and it was dark - so seemed like as strange place for a meeting. Well my workout was 10 400's with 400 recovery. I noticed there was a guy running at a pretty decent pace - he would pass me on my recovery runs and I would pass him on my 400's. Well I started to notice that he seemed to be trying to race me. No biggie I figured - and I ran on. Well i took a pit stop literally behind an equipment building. As I was peeing I heard my car key drop in the grass in the dark. Let's just say it takes a long time to find a key in the dark as it is - let alone when you are trying to avoid the area where you just peed. ok gross i know - but hey it happens. I find the key and get back on the track and I hear yelling. I realize that it is the guy who was trying to race me. I don't know what he's yelling or who he is yelling at. Well I run another 400 and he is really trying to race me - but while he's doing that he's yelling something about wind sprints and being 46 years old and all sorts of incoherent stuff. In the meantime everyone else has left the track. So - i decide that I'm going to call steve to come sit up here for my last 5 400's just because this guy is really creeping me out. I call steve I call our house I call steve several times - no answer - which is really odd b/c he ALWAYS answers his phone. So I drive home real quick - b/c i'm staying up there in the dark with the weirdo and now i'm afraid that steve has hit himself in the head or something while working on the demo of upstairs. I get home and steve is fine - just doesn't have his phone by him - so I say I left my water bottle and headlamp at the track just come up with me to get it. So we drive back up there and the guy is still there - but my water bottle and head lamp are gone. The guy took it and moved to the other side of the track! Well with steve there I started on my workout again. Fortunately after a couple of laps - my crazy yelling friend left. Ended up being a good workout - but sheesh - why can't I ever have a normal workout??? My foot is hurting a little bit - but I discover last night that if i put my foot at a certain angle I can stretch that part of my foot out and it feels better. So i'll keep icing and keep at it. Less than 4 weeks til towpath.... eek!

Monday, September 08, 2008

river run

On Friday - I was reading janet's blog and I saw that she was up in the air as to what do to this weekend race wise. She told me that she was going to run the riverrun half marathon on sunday - do a few miles before and a few after to make it a 20 miler. So - with very little arm twisting i decided to do the same.
On sunday morning - I couldn't sleep - i hadn't really run in a week - and I was nervous - I wasn't sure how to even run this race - do i got out hard to i take it easy b/c it's a 20 miler... I wasn't sure what to do. Needless to say the worrying did not help my foot or my stomach feel very good. I'm convinced now that half my injury is in my head. Funny how my foot felt fine on saturday but hurt sunday morning before the race.... ok i know it's not totally in my head - it's sore today and i know that that is from running - but i really think that it's like the good old bobbi mcfarrin song "when you worry you make it double - so don't worry..." So how bout I sang that song at kareoke on friday - night - a bad song sung by a very bad singer who's had one to many adult beverages... anyway - back to sunday. I met Janet for a 2 mile warm up - and then we were off - I ran with janet for about 3 minutes before I realized I should probably back off a bit - no need to blow up half way through this race. Before the race Janet suggested that I try for a 1:45 - which would be an 8 minute pace - which would put me right about where i need to be for my 3:40. So that in mind I tried to keep around an eight minute pace - didn't push it too too hard - I knew i still had five miles to go after the race - but definately made sure i was putting in a hard effort. Well i was doing great keeping on pace til I got to the water stops. I can't drink out of a cup and run - i have to walk for a few steps...well I learned that I take way too long at water stops - b/c in order to get my pace for that mile split back down to an eight- i'd have to run a 7:45 pace to make up for the 10 -15 seconds of walking. Well as the race went on - I tried to push myself hard on the last few miles. I ended up running a 1:47:31 - a p.r. by 9 minutes and 20 seconds!! can't be disappointed with that. So - according to mcmillian I should be at about at 1:45 - well according to everyone's garmin the course was .1 - .12 too long - and... I definately spent too much time at the water stops. I'm glad I ran this race though - it shows me that I'm close to a bq - I may not be quite there yet - and i might not be there at the towpath - but i'm close and I will get there soon. It also showed me that i really need to take into account the time it is going to take me to gu and take in water and even stop to pee if i have to during the race. I think this really gives me a better idea of what i have to do in order to make my goal. Oh - and I was secretly hoping to get top 10 in my age group - b/c this is a decent sized race with some great runners... I got 7th! i know it's no age group award - but i was really pleased with it! I think I'll definately do this race next year - it was a lot of fun! Oh and if you were wondering - no we didn't run the last 5 - poor Janet was freezing from the time she spent at the finish waiting for me - and my stomach wasn't feeling very good - so we walked the mile plus to the car and called it at day. A big thanks to steve for dropping me off at the start and picking us up at the finish!

Friday, September 05, 2008

phantom foot pain update

I did not run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I spent the week icing and taking ibuprofren. B/c of work only swam once and never got to that darned eleptical. That's all i did. I feel like such a cow. I don't think I can ever give up working out - I just feel like a big pile of lumpy mashed potatoes. Anyway - on Wednesday when i ran down the steps in my house to get something - i realized that my foot was finally feeling better. So last night i took the old foot for a test run. It didn't really hurt - but it felt kind of funny - so i just ran 3 miles - no need to do too much too soon. My legs felt like lead though. I ran my warmup mile in 8:56 which i was pleased with for a warm up - but then i decided to pick it up for the next couple of miles. Yeah - 8:53 for mile two and then 7:56 for the last mile - my legs felt like i was running a sub 6 pace. Guess maybe my legs are still a little heavy from all the inactivity. Either that or the the ten pounds i feel like i gained this week... maybe i really gained it - in each leg - and that is why they are so heavy... ok or maybe not.
Well i woke up this morning - and my foot hurt. So i iced it for awhile - feels alright now -- i think i just need to cut my miles a little over the next few weeks and make sure to ice like crazy. I only have 2 more weeks til my taper starts - so i'm hoping I'll be ok. I've got 20 miles scheduled for this weekend. Was going to do it saturday - but I think i'm going to wait til sunday to give my foot another day of rest. If it starts hurting - i'll forgo the 20 -- it's not like i haven't already run 3 20 milers in this training program. Ugh - i just hope this doesn't all fall apart now... Keep your fingers crossed that things work out!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So the long weekend is over and i'm back at work. Looking at the lake - i don't think it's happy the long weekend is over either -- The sky is a beautiful blue but the lake has the strip of gray yuck just hanging over it. I just watched the blue angels take off for what I can assume is their flight home - and it was kind of sad because it was hard to see them against the gray blech backdrop of the lake today. Well hopefully it's just fog and it will burn off. I had a nice weekend - too busy like normal but nice. Went to cincinatti to visit some friends - celebrated my mother in law's 60 birthday yesterday - and even got most of my closet cleaned out.
Here's the "ugh" part though - tell me if this makes any sense what so ever.
Last tuesday after work - i change into my running clothes and put on my running shoes. As soon as my right foot is in the shoe - i feel pain on the outside of my right foot. So i take the shoe off feel in there to see if there is something - put my foot back in -- repeat this for several minutes -and figure - oh well it will work itself out once i start walking. (note i haven't run since saturday and it is tuesday already) Well i meet amie at the track for our weekly track workouts - where she tells me she is having knee pain since saturday's run.
So - apparently my phantom foot injury decides it doesn't want to be outdone by amie's actual knee injury - and it starts really hurting - like i didn't finish my mile cool down hurting - and if you know me - if my workout says - mile cool down - i do a mile cool down - no matter what - so this is a big deal. Well I ice my foot and i don't run until friday after work. I'm suppose to do 10 at marathon pace - well i just wanted to test my foot out so - i just ran about 4.5 at marathon pace - i know not quite the same - but i was planning on running 15 the next day in cincy - so i figured i should take it easy. While i ran my foot was uncomfortable - it wasn't a sharp pain - but it wasn't right - but it also seemed that it wasn't getting any worse as i was running - just staying the same.
Saturday morning I set out on the bike path in loveland ohio -- it's kind of like the towpath - but there is no canal - just a river and it is paved - so it is more of a bike trail than an all purpose trail. Well i took my new garmin - and i had the best run ever. I set it to give me the average pace for the current mile i was on - and let me tell you how well that worked for me - I was able to average about an 8:25 pace (in case you are wondering bq is an 8:24 pace) - -easily/comfortably - which i attribute to the fact that I would look down and see that my pace was sub eight or in the low eights and I would slow it down a bit - so that i would not blow up. During this my foot hurt - but nothing that I couldn't run through - for example in a race if my foot hurt like that - i definately wouldn't stop - but in a training run - i figure i need to take it easy if i'm hurting like that. Don't want to do further damage So i went out 6 miles and came back 6 miles - thinking i could go out and back the other direction for the last three miles - well i got about a quarter of a mile to go steve was waiting for me - so we ran the last quater mile together. When we stopped i was hobbeling pretty good - so i called it quits. I haven't run since and i made sure i didn't bring all of my running stuff with me today so that i wouldn't be tempted to do my track workout.
I hate this - i know i need to take some time off to let my body heal - but after a run like i had on saturday - i feel like i am in such good shape - that i don't want to lose it - and i know i'm not going to lose 18 weeks of training in a few days - but still it's frustrating... especially since this injury seems like a phantom injury that my subconscious made up. How else does your foot not hurt one second and then the next second your self diagnosing yourself with tendanidous???

Monday, August 25, 2008

catch up time

I sure am behind on my blogging. Not sure why - guess I haven't been quite as fired up on my running - and i know why - and i know it is a dumb reason. I'm doing the age old no no of comparing myself to others. Things are still going well - but i'm starting to wonder if my goals are truly attainable or if i'm chasing something that's still out of my reach. I'm doing exactly what the trusty training program says i need to do - but rather being pumped up about the fact that I'm running better than ever - and better than i thought i could - i'm looking at other people - and saying wow - this is so much easier for them - than me - who am I kidding? I know that you need to have a positive attitude - believe that you can do something and you can - believe that you can't - and you won't. At the same time I don't want to be the fool that's walking around saying they are going to do something - and everyone else is looking at her - thinking - what is this crazy girl thinking??? she'll never be able to do that - she's not that good. So I start to tell myself - well if I don't make boston at the towpath that's ok - and it is ok - running a 3:40 at towpath will not be make or break my life - and i don't want to be too disappointed if it doesn't happen - but at the same time - telling myself it's ok if i don't make it - is not the motivation one needs to do well. So enough - enough negative - enough of other people - i'm going to focus on the positive.

Since my last blog - i've done lots of stuff. Ran the twilight trail run. It was a lot of fun - ran into a girl i use to run in high school with - i think we pushed each other a little too hard in the first mile - but it was fun. I started off that race not sure how i would do - my stomach was angry all day - i even threw up at work that day - so i wasn't sure how the run was going to go. I didn't want to use that as an excuse to not push myself though - so I ran the first mile with my old high school buddy and then gained a little on her - my goal was to just stay with her or a little ahead of her since i figured she would be running at a pretty good pace. Well with the staggered start of the race - the further i got into the race - the more people started to come up behind you - well in a normal race you don't get passed by people moving this fast - so you just pick it up - - i think this was the first time i've ever run negative splits in a race - maybe all races should be like this! However as i mentioned - stomach was not happy - but i kept pushing it - got to about a half a mile out though and I had to slow down the pace just so i could finish with out throwing up - and with the way my stomach was that day - i figured the chances of me throwing up were pretty high. So i finished in 41 minutes - not to shabby - next time i run this race i want to break 38 - i think it can happen. You could tell i gave it my all though - b/c when they tried to hand me a beer at the finish - i said no -- yes folks - bridget turned down a beer - so you know she was not feeling great. I got some water and waited for steve to come in - wasn't sure how he would do since he was still sore from the half ironman just four days earlier... turns out he did awesome!! beat his last five mile trail run by ten minutes!!! way to go steve!

ok that's enough for now - i' ll pick up with the pedal to the point recap here shortly...

Monday, August 11, 2008

GCT - reaching goals

So this weekend was the greater cleveland tri. I had thought about doing it a few months back - but quickly realized that trying to qualify for boston and trying to train for your first triathlon in the same time period and still have a normal functioning life - is a bit much for me right now. Steve however - was determined to complete the half ironman. Let's flash back for a minute - and remind all of you that steve is just barely getting back into running - he was sidelined for over two years with stress fractures - and is just recently returning to running - with limited miles - no way he is risking being totally out again by ramping up the mileage too quickly. That being said - completing a half marathon was going to be quite an accomplishment in itself - let alone doing it after swimming 1.2 miles and then biking 56.
Going into this weekend - I felt like i was racing - I was nervous for Steve. Steve - as usual was calm - so unlike me - wish i could learn how to be like that. Well long story short - as everyone knows - they canceled the swim on sunday. I was so sad as I took steve's wetsuit back to the car. Steve is an awesome swimmer - probably would have been one of the first out of the water. However they made them run 1.2 miles instead. I know that the water was rough but it just stinks - you train for a year for something and then they say oh well you can't actually do the event you trained for. Well steve looked good on the first run and great on the bike. After he went on the bike - i ran a slow 2 something miles out on the bike course where I joined e speed for another 5 -- ended up being a jacked up version of my tempo workout. But it was fun to be running while cheering on the bikers - i'm sure we looked goofy. Steve looked awesome when we saw him - so we headed back towards the park. (so did amie and janet -- nice job ladies!) I waitied for steve to make the turn into the park and I made a mad dash to the car to drop my sweatshirt so I could run with him for a bit and get some pictures of him. Well I ended up running the whole thing with him - how's the for an unexpected extra 20 miler this week? ha! Steve did great -especially since he was having horrible leg cramps - i mean like charlie horse type leg cramps. He drank plenty of water and gatorade, took his gu and ecaps. I don't know what caused the cramping. If anyone has any insight - let me know. Well we got to the last mile and I remembered that I had ditched the camera around mile six. So steve said "go get it" I took off running across the parking lot of mentor headlands like i was on crack. Ran to the car - got the camera and ran to the path so I could document steve finishing. He beat his goal time by 47 minutes. I couldn't be more proud of him. He finished what he started - even though he knew it was going to be tough. Anyway - just wanted to say how proud I am of steve - for this huge accomplishment!!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

and a sigh of relief.

As i stated in my earlier post - i was really nervous about my 13 miles at pmp plus 15 seconds. I tried to keep my overreacting in check and just go out there and run. I mapped out 6.5 miles on the towpath since I can't totally rely on ghetto garmin these days. To be honest i wasn't really sure what an 8:35 pace should feel like. I knew it should be harder than my comfortable 9:10 default pace - so I figured well if i push it a little - that should be about right. Well I started running - legs were still heavy from my track workout on tuesday but otherwise i felt pretty good. Mile 1 7:40 -- hmmm ok - guess I'm pushing it too fast - so slow down. Well it seemed that when i slowed down my garmin said i was doing a 9:50 pace - and as much as i know that my garmin isn't accurate it still scared me. Now i knew from what i had mapped out that the redlock trail head was 2.6 miles - so if i was going to be at an 8:30 pace I should hit it at 22:19 - I hit it at 20:19 - or something like that. Clearly i needed to slow it way down. Well I started thinking - i wonder if i can hold 8 minute miles through the first half and then do the second half at 8:30's -- if i can do that then I should be in really good shape for my 10k. So I ran on to boston store - mile 4.5 - stopped to refill my water - was still at an overall pace of under 8 minutes. so i only had to go two more miles out - from what i had mapped out online i had a pretty good idea of where the 6.5 mile mark was - just in case i couldn't trust the garmin. Garmin crapped out right around 6.1 miles - and then popped back online around 6.5 - right where 6.5 should have been. My 6.2 time was about 49 something - and my 6.5 was 51:47 - so I'm thinking a 6.2 time of 46:27 - is totally doable - especially if i'm not running 7 more miles afterwards!!
So I had a gu - and made my way back. Refilled at boston store again (mile 8.5) - still under 8 minute pace - I could feel myself slowing down a bit - my legs were still heavy - but through mile 11 i was still just under an overall pace of 8 minute miles. Well ghetto garmin decided to stop at mile 11.09 for quite some time - so I kind of lost track of my pace a bit. Just tried to keep it pretty even. Ghetto garmin had me running a total of 13.22 - in 1:45:05 - (we'll call it 13) for an overall pace of 8:05.
So yes I pushed too hard - i'm tired today - and legs are a little heavy - but really that was a really encouraging run - I needed to know that i could do that - and that I still had some left in me. I can run a half maraton at an 8:05 pace and still keep going. Good to know ... maybe this boston thing can happen....
thanks for listening to my over analysis of a 13 mile run...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm getting nervous about whether or not I am truly at the right fitness level to be aiming for boston - or if I'm overtraining. I'm able to do the workouts at the paces the mcmillian calculator and first program say i should... so far anyway. The thing is - i've found over the last few weeks that i am capable of way more than i thought i was. Track workouts for example. If you would have told me i could do 6 800's at a consistant 3:15 - I would have told you were crazy. I was happy with doing 3:30's... so now i start to think - woah - maybe i am capable of way more than i think - and that the only thing that is holding me back is me. the part of me that is afraid to push to hard - don't push a race too hard - or a pace too hard - b/c you might blow up. Well if i don't try it - how will i know?
So tonight - i'm doing 13 miles at planned marathon pace plus 15 seconds - or an 8:35 - I've never done 13 miles at that pace. but if i can't do that - than i sure as s$#t can't do 26.2 at 8:20... so i'm getting nervous - which iknow will not help. Also on my plate is a 10k this weekend. I'm replacing the dreaded tempo run this week with the 10k race. According to mr mcmillian - my 10k equivalent performance should be a 46:27 - 7:28 pace. I haven't run a 10k since my goal was to break 10 minute miles... so I have no idea what i'm capable of. Last 5 mile i ran was a few months ago and it was 38 minutes -- so if that is any indicator - i should be able to pull a 46 pretty easily... But here's my problem - i am going to over think this from now until the 2 days after the race. And that will probably cause me to work myself up into a tizzy and therefore not do well. I really want these runs to go well to give myself and indicator that i am in the right shape to be training for a bq. And i know that a bad race or a bad run doesn't mean that i'm not there - but i know it sure will set me back mentally. So - wish me good luck and positive thoughts.

Monday, August 04, 2008

it's been awhile

wow - can tell i've been busy - haven't blogged and haven't logged all of my workouts. what's been going on?...
Well - last weekend did a 14 miler with amie on the towpath - i think the most noteworthy part of that run would be the point where i stopped running and started yelling and grabbing my nose. (I think amie thought I had lost my mind at this point) Well some bug had decided to kamakazee up my nose so far and with such velocity that my nose started bleeding which led to a huge sneezing fit on the middle of the path. I think the bug is still lodged up in my sinus cavity - somewhere i swear!
Got a good track workout in - and then failed at a lunchtime attempt at my tempo workout. I HATE tempo workouts. I get myself all psyched out before them - thinking i'll never be able to do the pace - then i decide to do them at the hottest time of day - and i just become a head case. Was suppose to do a 5 mile tempo run - was so hot and dehyrdrated that barely got through 3 miles of it - before i called it quits. I was maintaing pace - but i stopped every mile - which defeats the purpose i think. So - I was a little nervous about my 20 miler the next day. Steve was nice enough to offer to ride on the towpath with me. So we set out saturday morning - and i decided to just run at a nice pace - and to ignore the garmin (thank goodness i did - it ended up being 2.75 miles short by the end of the run -- i want a new one so bad!!) I ended up running most of the towpath marathon course - and I am starting to get to know where the mile markers are and where the water stops are. It was great having steve out there - i didn't have to worry about carrying enough water or gu and fortunately the odometer on his bike is a lot more accurate than my old school garmin. So - i ended up keeping a steady 9:10 pace - just what the old chart says i should... i'm getting worried about how this is going to translate to a 8:24 overall pace for the marathon... well that's all for now... gotta run.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

track workouts

So here's a question - if one runs a track workout on a cinder track that is half grown over with grass and weeds - is that kind of like a trail track workout? ok i know - not funny. Anywho - couldn't make it out to solon yesterday - and my usual track was occupied so i settled for the local cinder track. It was actually kind of nice - i thought the cinders might slow me down a lot - but really it was just nicer on my body - not so jarring - didn't hurt my shins and my back. I wasn't sure if the track was a full 400 or not - so i checked it on the gmaps pedometer thingy - and it said it was .23 miles - so i thought - well that could just be my error in tracing around the track - you can only zoom in so far. Well i did my warmup - that was suprisingly quick - so i thought - well maybe it is a little short. So the plan 3 x 1 mile - goal between 7:00 and 7:25 Ran the first one at a suprisingly easy 6:30. Um yeah - track was definately short. So I got the old Garmin out ran the next "mile" in 6:33 - and then kept running til the Garmin said one mile - so my second real mile was a 6:56 - which i'm thinking made my firt mile the equivalent of 6:53. I was pretty excited about this - that and the fact that there were no weirdos riding bikes or walking dogs on this track - when lo and behold 1 lady and 2 girls came down to the track to start walking across the entire track. So I started my mile and yelled "i'm passing on your left" i've never seen 3 people jump like that - I said "i've got 4 quick ones to do" So they stayed out of my way the entire time. But i felt like after making them move out of my way like that - that I better keep my pace up - final mile 6:46.... hmmm maybe a 21 minute 5k or sub 21 (well let's not get crazy) is in my future soon. So I apologized to the ladies - didn't mean to be a track beotch - but I'm so tired of dodging people when trying to do timed stuff on the track!!! All in all - another pretty good workout under my belt.

Monday, July 21, 2008

where to start

I guess I will start by saying -- great job to everyone that ran the buckeye 50k on saturday. I am so impressed by all of you - what a hard race - what a HOT HOT day. So Steve and I worked the mile 26 aid station. That was soooo much fun. Working a waterstop on a road race isn't all that fun - you stand there with a cup in your hand while someone grabs it from you. In an ultra- you are somewhere between an annoying cars salesman and an annoying mother hen. It's funny - these people would kind of pop out of the woods - and you would say what can we get you - and some people were so tired and hot - that they would just kind of look at you. You'd say - ice? and they'd so oooh ice - yeah that would be good - and you'd say how bout a peanut butter and jelly - ooh peanut butter and jelly that would be nice - i swear you could offer these people tuna fish and they would be grateful. It's really fun helping out - when you know the people really truly appreciate it. One guy went blowing by us - and we tried to stop him - being that we were the last stop - but he kept going - well some how one of the guys talked him into coming back and at least letting us fill up his camelback and we got some food in him. Good thing - or else he would have run out of water long before he reached the end. So - don't know if i am inspired to do the summer 50k - but perhaps the winter one. we'll see-- i really need to get out on the trails.

I had to get my 20 miler in on sunday - the plan was to get up at 5 and run loops around the neighborhood at a 9:20 pace - so if i did my math correctly.. 3hrs 7min. Well i didn't get up til 6 - and by the time i got the water and gu and everything layed out on the front porch - it was almost 6:30 - but - still better than starting at 8. The plan was to run 4 x 5 mile loops - but i knew that that would drive me crazy - so i extended the first loop to 10 miles - which took some creative weaving through the streets. finished the first 10.2 in 1:32 - so about a 9:05 pace - cooled off for a few minutes took some e caps and headed back out for a 6 mile loop... from my crazy math i think those 6 were at a 9:30 pace - but the garmin was having trouble - so i think i ran more than 6 - which would put me a little close to the 9:20 goal. Came back to the house - woke steve up and told him to get his bike out to come with me for the last 3.8 miles. I'm so glad he did - by this point it was getting hot! Finished with a total time of 3:05 -- but I think the garmin was about .25-.5 mile short when i actually mappped out my route. But - in typical me fashion - as hot as i was i had to run back and forth in front of my house until the garmin flipped to 20!
As for this upcoming week - I was planning on doing 18 with solar on the towpath - but we're doing the sweet corn hellish hill challenge on sunday - and steve's signed up for the 2 mile open swim race on saturday - and i want to go see him swim - i think it will be fun. So... that means a nice 18 miler on friday night... anyone interested??? :) let me know!

Friday, July 18, 2008

props to the hubbie

I just have to say that i have the best husband in the world. Not only does he put up with my ridiculousness on a daily basis, and get out of bed every morning to help iron my pants and make my lunch so i can get out the door on time. But last night I still had yet to get my weekly track workout in. And b/c it's been hot - i've become a baby about running in the heat. Well Steve was patient enough to run up to the track with me at 9:20 last night - and since his legs aren't up to the pounding of a track workout just quite yet - last night - he walked the track while i did my 5 x 1000 m repeats in the pitch black dark - and then ran each of the recovery 400's with me and then ran me home the two mile cool down. It ended up being a pretty good workout - 1000's needed to be between 4:16 and 4:32 - i ran the following:


I think it's interesting that i always get faster towards the end of a workout - does that mean i'm holding back during the work out - or just excited to be done???
We didn't get home til 10:45 - and I know steve would have liked to have been in bed by about 9:30. I wouldn't have gotten the workout in - if he hadn't gone with me - I really appreciate it - and I know that most people wouldn't have done that!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I swam in a lake and i didn't die.

I would just like to inform the blogging world that i swam about 1200 yards in a lake with out a wetsuit - and not only did i not die- i didn't hate it either. Ok - so it wasn't lake erie - and there were places where i could touch - but it was dirty water and it was ok - and i'm going to go back next week i think.
So i mentioned in my last post that i think my body is handling hot weather better than i use to. Well knock on wood. Went for a run a lunch today it was about 84-85 degrees. This was the workout
1 mile warm up
4 miles at 7:47 pace
1 mile cool down

This is what happened.

1 mile warm up 9:47 - breathing really hard and very tired.
1st mile 7:37 - stopped to drink some water
2nd mile 7:48 - stopped in the middle of the mile though so as not to pass out
3rd mile - told myself to suck it up - and that i was being dramatic. I think it was around a 7:40 - not sure if it was a whole mile b/c i was feeling pretty delerious and couldn't quite remember where the mile mark was. Stopped and hid under a tree for awhile to try and cool down. Decided it would be ok - to forgo the 4th mile at pace - and ran/walked the last two miles back to the gym.

It took me so long to get through those last two miles that i took an extra half hour at lunch. I was planning on an hour and a half - by the time i walk to the gym and shower afterwards etc etc - but i was gone for two hours! i almost called my boss to come pick me up. It was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. I think i finally have enough water in me that i'm finally not feeling so sick. We'll see how this evenings swim goes - maybe i'll forgo the swim and just watch the synchro swimming competition....

Monday, July 14, 2008

i'm either getting crazier or tougher - or both

whew what a week! Finally had a break through day on the swimming. The big pool is closed at CSU for the synchronized swimming championships - but the small 25 yard one was open on friday. Apprently the short distance pool is what i need to give me that boost to go further. I usually swimm 100 meters straight - or maybe 200 meters straight and then i stop. why - i don't know - i guess because tackeling another 50 meters seems daunting. Well with only 25 yards between walls in a pool where i could stand up at any point i felt ok going just 25 yards more and then just 25 yards more. well before i knew it i did 400 yards straight - again i know that's not getting me through a mile in open water - but it was a break through - i felt like i could keep going. So... i'm hoping that there is a chance that i will someday be able to actually get over the issues in my head and just swim.
Back on the running front -i didn't get my second key workout in til friday night. 1 mile warm up 5 miles at an 8:05 pace and then 1 mile cool down. Well it was HOT out - so I was a little nervous - i know how my body reacts pretty well to cold weather - but hot weather is still a bit of a new frontier - I always assumed that if i did much more than go for a walk on a 90 degree day that i would get sick - i guess that's because at one point in time that was true. So - i tend to baby myself a little in the heat - b/c i don't want to get sick. Well i ran my warm up mile at about a 9:30-9:40 pace. Well the mile ended right at the local ball field. Well this guy comes blowing past me in front of this whole crowd of parents and kids. And i'm thinking ok - buddy well just wait til i start my actual workout - i'll show you. Well I waited for about 30 seconds - go some water - and then like a dog chasing a bone i went after him. i don't know why i do this - it's I feel the need to race when ever an older guys paces me - why - i have no idea. well about 3/4 of a mile later he turns left i turn right - for the next 2-3 minutes i slow waaaaay down. my mile time - under eight minutes - so apprently i went out waaaaay to fast - great thing to do when it's a million degrees out - so i keep running into my second 8 minute mile - and my shins are on fire- and i am on fire - b/c it is soooo hot. so i call steve to come get me. No need to push myself in these heat i say - especially with 17 miles on the forcast for the next morning. Well i call steve 4 times - no answer - so i took it as a sign to stop being such a baby and get out there and finish my workout. It took my 38:10 to do my 5 miles - which is a 7:45 pace i think - when i mapped it out i was probably about a .10 of a mile short of five - but either way - under the goal of 8:05 - with a cool down uphill mile of 9:14 --
Fast forward - saturday morning. plan - run 10 mile trail race followed by 7 miles for total of 17 miles - figured this would be a fun way to break up the 17 miles. ha! i had no idea what i was in for. Trail running is a whole different world. i have muscles on my legs that are still hurting - that i didn't know could actually hurt! Got almost a mile warm up in with the serc peeps before the race. I started off a little fast - even though i said - i'm not racing this - i'm going to run this nice and easy b/c i still have 6+ miles to run afterwards. Holy cow was this course hilly - and I had probably more trouble running down the hills than up them - especially the stairs - i can not run down stairs - especially if they are uneven. At one point i just started laughing thinking about how ridiculous i probably looked tippy toeing down the stairs. Well around mile 3.5 i was soo hot - that i my short were actually dripping. The only sport drink they had was heed. aka. poop. So again i started worrying about my pale self in the heat. i started thinking that maybe i would just do the 5 mile loop and call it a quits - after all it was early in my training plan -and i should be careful in the heat. Well I got past the finish for the five mile and managed to steer myself towards the second loop. I told myself - just take it easy and finish it. finish it in under two hours - that will be slow - but it will be a finish. So my feet started blistering like crazy - guess that's what you get for wearing a pair of shoes that you've only worn twice. Well i actually enjoyed being out there by myself on the second loop - i walked up the hills and ran through the inbetween sections and just enjoyed the views - all why telling myself - just finish this - toughen up and finish it. So i did. Final time 1:53 something which is waaaay slow. But - this was my first trail race and only my third trail run ever - and it was hotter than hell - so i can't be disappointed. Espeed got second and amie and janet and todd all got age group awards - so that was fun to watch. I changed my shoes to do a warm down with Barb and Espeed - but my blisters hurt so bad I passed. I went home got some food a bottle of gatorade and a ton of water and a nap. Woke up waited for the storm to pass and went out to complete my remaining 6+ miles. I stopped every mile to drink water - b/c again i'm afraid of the heat. but i managed to maintain a 9:10 pace - goal was 9:05 - but i'm ok with a 9:10. Now - i don't know if there was any point to finishing my 17 miles 3 hours later or not - but it proved to me that i am getting both tougher and crazier. i never would have done 17 miles in any sort of heat. I never would have started the second loop of that course and i sure as hell would not have gone back out to finish 6 more miles. I also wouldn't have finished my friday night workout - and actually had it be a good work out. So i am either crazy - crazy obsessed and i can't let me workouts slide - or i'm a lot tougher and i won't let myself quit when i know i'm capable of more!
So all in all it was a good weekend. Tell me though - how does one do this - not go drinking like normal and actually cook at home rather than eating out - and gain 4 pounds. maybe beer=weight loss! ha! i don't know but I don't like it!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

track twilightzone.

I have a question - how many of you - if you were not doing a track workout - would go to a track? ok - so I can maybe understand people walking at a track - not really - b/c i think half the fun of going for a walk is looking at neighborhoods and streets etc... but ok - i'll concede and say i can understand walking at a track. However, why do people bring children in wagons to a track? Why do they think that the long jump pit is a place to bring shovels and sandbuckets? I know the track that i go to - does not have anyone using the long jump pit - however go to home depot depot and buy your kid a bag of play sand! Oh and the people with dogs- why why why do you insist on walking your dogs in a lane one? First off - what happens when your dog poops on lane one? Are you going to clean that up - or leave that as a special suprise for my final lap of my timed mile? Now i don't mean to be a track snob - but i don't get it - take your dogs for a walk - give them something to look at - they can't honestly enjoy walking around circles. then there is the guy that likes to bring his two dogs and let them run without leashes all over the track... seriously? Nothing against dogs - but it's a track - not a dog park - i shouldn't have to dodge wrestling dogs while i'm trying to get a workout in. Oh and my newest favorite - have you ever gotten on your bike and said "gee i think i'll go up to the track and get a nice bike ride in?" There was a woman last night wearing a purple cardigan sweater with a green and purple skirt (no not a running skirt - a wear to a nice brunch skirt on) who was riding her bike in circles on the track. I've never seen anything like it. But - i guess it's good the community uses the track - i just wish more people would use it - just to run...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Back in the Game

I missed a key workout last week. Yup - and I'm not going to worry about it. I got a good track workout in - a 5 mile glorious tour of downtown canton ohio and a thrilling 15 miler on the towpath. The 15 miler was tough - first of all I went out the night before and had two weeks of eating and drinking crap prior so needless to say my stomach was not happy - so... i didn't get started til after 12 - so yes it was hot... but i had to get it in. I'm also trying to see how i react to long runs on the towpath by myself. If I'm going to run this towpath marathon - i need to be mentally able to do it myself - and we all know how not exciting that path can be. I'm hoping i'll be able to keep pace with others when i run the towpath - but you can never count on that - what if the girls are havign a great day - and go out for a 3:30 pace? then i need to be able to get through it on my own. So - I think i did alright - goal 9:05 pace - ran the first 7 out in 8:46 took a break at peninsula b/c the stomach was still pretty funky. headed back north - stopped at boston store and basically took a shower in the water fountain because i was so hot - Not counting the two "breaks" i took I did the second 7 in 8:53 pace. followed by mile number 15 - that i did at a 9:40 pace... yeah i know dropped off the pace a bit - just wanted to get that last mile in though...
So now what? now - I'm starting this week fresh - no missed "key" workouts - and back to the bike and the swim. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that work stays calm for a bit. Oh - so i was reading espeed's blog - and saw she got the new 405 garmin... oh i'm so jealous - i have the old school garmin that won't work in cities or trails... great for around the neighborhood - but oh how i want that 405... so then it hit me - duh that's what i'll save all my quarters for - so hopefully by the end of this marathon training i'll have enough to buy the 405 -- guess i better really work at getting my miles in.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

bridget and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day (well days)

I don't talk about work on my blog - because i don't ever want anything to get back to someone etc. etc. but i have to say that last week and this week so far have been the most awful terrible days in recent memory. And I know i'll get through it - I will - but I am so tired, stressed, burned out etc... that at times i doubt that I will even have a job by week's end - because i won't be able to get through this stuff. And the worst part of this is the toll it's taking on my training - I managed to get all of my running in last week - but i biked 0 and swam 800 meters - before barely pulling myself out of the pool b/c i was so tired. i know that that happens - and i'll have more weeks like this - but it sure doesn't help motivate me to want to do a track workout by myself tonight in the dark after I finally get out of work. well bitching about it doesn't help - i'm just taking a ten minute break here to feel sorry for myself.
let's see what else is new here... i have raised $90 of my $250 for ms - so that's a positive light... oh and my training run down for last week.

Mon - 3 miles easy - 1 hr flag football (rushed the quarterback the whole time so i'll count that as some speed work!)

Tues - drank beer with boss after late night of work

Wed - a.m. track workout
1 mile warm up
400 strides
3x miles with 400 ri (7:26, 7:16, 7:17)
1 mile recovery

Took the first mile a little slowly - b/c i haven't done mile repeats in about ... oh ... ten years - would like to have all three closer to 7 flat

Thursday - work function at night - drank beer

Friday a.m.
2 slow (18:10)
2 short tempo (7:05, 7:26 -- second mile all uphill)
2 slow (18:00)

Saturday - worked in yard

Sunday - Ran columbia station half marathon. Goal - run 8:50 pace - ran a 1:56:00 so a pace of 8:55 - know i should be able to run a half marathon faster than that - but the training plan said 13 miles at a 9:20 pace - so I figure that was good. That and it was a p.r. by about 8 minutes for an actual half marathon race... Won my age group - not as fun when there is only one other person in your division though...

oh and get this - got to the race and signed in - kind of milled around for a bit - warmed up a little bit - about 5 minutes before the race starts - the race director says - oh the start line is .6 miles down this road. You're telling me they couldn't figure out a 13.1 mile route that started and stopped a little closer together than .6 miles? not that i minde walking .6 miles - but it just seemed silly to me! but no one asked me!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

scattered showers update

I finally got some examples of our invitations up on my scattered showers blog. If anyone is looking for help planning a shower - or a party let me know - and check out my blog...


Monday, June 23, 2008

Bad Idea Bears

Steve and I often joke about the "bad idea bears" they're the little guys that tell you to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep rather than going to the gym - or the ones that say on a tuesday night - don't eat that grilled chicken - go to bw3's and get some wings and some beer. I'm sure you all know those guys. Well I must say i am very proud of myself this week - because i defeated the bad ideas several times - which is hard for me to do on a normal basis - let alone a week like last one where i got my schedule all out of whack.

Monday - rest day - dropped bike off for tuneup - ordered new running shoes and bought a wetsuit.

Tuesday - awful first open water swim - was upset - didn't do track workout afterwards

Wednesday - headed up to the local track (not a very nice track considering there were broken bottles and grass growing through cracks on the track -but hey it works.) I've never done a track workout by myself - b/c well they are hard and usually i don't push myself that hard by myself - i usually need the motivation of others - I got up there and did the same workout e speed had us do a couple of weeks ago -
1 mile warm up
800 meters strides
1 x 1600 6:59
2 x 800 3:28 and 3:27
2 x 400 1:38 and 1:39
with 1/2 distance recovery in between and 1600 cool down

oh and swam 1200 meters at lunch

Thursday - really wanted to just go for a run at lunch - stuck to the training plan of 2 easy 2 short tempo speed and 2 easy so...
i did
2 (17:00)
2 (7:12 and 7:03)
2 (17:00)

everything was a little faster than what it was suppose to be - but i'm just getting a hang of this pacing thing.

Swam 1200 meters at night - finally started to link a few more laps together - my endurances still stinks!

Friday - rest

Saturday - "easy" 3 mile run - had to work really hard a running a 9 minute pace - and not going too fast.

Sunday - was not free to run until around 3:00 when it started thundering and lightening - then had to go to dinner with the father in law - got back still raining. so the bad idea bears told me that my training doesn't technically start til today that i should not go out in the rain - that i should sit and relax - then i decided to go to the grocery store. Finally around nine o'clock - i said to myself - this is ridiculous - get out there and at least do something! So a little after nine - i headed out in to the rain to get a run in. I was suppose to do 11 miles at a 9:05 pace. I decided just to run and see what happened - it felt great! I was able to get 10 miles in at a 8:40 pace - too fast i know - but it was a great run. I cut it a mile short - b/c it was almost 10:30 - and i was starving and sleepy! but i got it in. I know it wasn't necessary to get it in - but i was proud of myself for at least sticking to my 3 key workout days this week! Also - really proud of pushing myself on my runs - this is the first time i am following a training plan that is more specific than "run 5 miles" I've never followed something that says "run 5 miles at mid-tempo pace" So - this is new for me - and hard - but i'm discovering that i am capable of a lot more thant i thought.... sixteen weeks and counting til towpath!!!
Hopefully this week will be a little better for getting all of my workouts in swimming, biking and running - but it will be tough - it's a rough week at work - so wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm not sure if any of you read the lastest edition of runners world or not - but there is an article about two women who train to do the nike women's marathon. As a source of motivation the one woman gives herself a dollar for every mile she runs. I thought that was a really cool idea until I realized that if i stuck with my schedule that could add up to $40 or more a week - which is $120 a month - and that as motivating as it would be - is not going to happen - not unless someone would like to donate that to me. So I decided that maybe $.25 a mile would be more appropriate - well then i decided to have a little contest with steve. It started Sunday June 8th - and ends the day after the greater cleveland half ironman. Well we needed to make it fair so we've decided to count biking and swimming too.
Here's the deal - if a half ironman is approximately 1.2 miles swim, 13.1 miles run and 56 mile bike - we decided that if each running mile was worth 1 quarter and 56bike=1.2swim=13.1 run - then for every 4 miles bike you get a quarter and about every 200m swimming you get a quarter. I think the 200m is a little low. But that's ok. Steve is currently up but quite a bit - guess that's what happens when he can swim almost twice as fast as me!
We're not sure what the winner gets besides bragging rights - but i'll keep you posted!
oh - we got our wetsuits- if the weather holds - tonight will be my first ow swim and wetsuit swim!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok - so last week was officialy 18 weeks til the towpath marathon - aka my first attempt at a bq. which means - i have a ton of work to do in the next 18 - scratch that 17 weeks. I know i can do it - if i put the time and work into it - which means going above and beyond just getting enough long runs in to just complete a marathon. So i followed amie's lead and decided to go with a modified version of the FIRST program for "those who have completed their first marathon but want to finish faster" Keep in mind i'm also still toying with the idea of greater cleveland half im - as long as training for that doesn't take away from running. So far it's been ok - and i've been able to squeeze both in.
So last week - was week 18 - official first week of training. Also the week that I was going to Vegas for four days. I should have just waited for today to start. But oh well - between monday and wednesday I was able to get in a couple of runs, two swims and a shortened awful bike ride. Why awful you ask?
Well here was my idea - fleet feet was having a wetsuit demo day out in westlake - so I thought - i'll have steve meet me down near edgewater - we'll ride out to westlake - it's about 13 miles - try on the wetsuits and head back. Good idea in theory - bad idea when played out. First of all Lake road near downtown is in pretty bad shape - which is a problem for two reasons - i don't know about you - but i'm not riding at 18 mph over potholes, manhole covers, potholes and more potholes - so you end up going really slow - in certain stretches which makes the ride take a really long time. Number 2 - you end up riding further into the street to avoid the really rough part - which you know makes cars angry - which in turn makes me quite upset and nervous - and then you add on to it my fear of my new clip shoes still - and it was not a very pleasant experience thus far. Well bad idea number 2 - don't go for a ride if you don't know how to get to the place you are going to. I thought we had gone too far - and we ended up spending a half an hour or so turning around and then turning around the other way. Well we finally stopped to ask directions again and I popped out my left foot and decided to lean to the right instead so i fell flat over on to someone's lawn in bay village. I layed there for awhile - I was upset and the grass was very soft. As steve said - i picked a great place for my first clip related crash!
Well eventually we find our way to the five seasons. Jody tries to give me a small wet suit to try on - and after my last experience i opted for the medium. This went much better than the last time - and it was awesome having that on in the pool - i can't wait to get my suit and try it out in the lake. So Jody says that suit is big on you - you have too much room in it still. So i say fine - i'll try on the small. I think it probably took jody and heather a half an hour to get this suit on me - and quite awhile to get it off - i couldn't even get my hands out of it - let alone my big old feet - so i guess i need a small and a half. which isn't going to happen. Meanwhile while i was wrestling with the wetsuits - steve had tried his on - and was calling his mom to come pick us up. It took us so long to get there and to try on the suits that we didn't have enough day light to get back. So... my mother in law dropped us off at our cars and we went home - it was 10:30 by the time we got home! So we finished packing for vegas and had a couple of beers to celebrate being on vacation. I'll leave my vegas stories for another post - but we were able to get out for one run while we were there - we ran from our hotel to the las vegas sign which was about four miles - we added another mile to that and called it a day - because by that time in the morning it was already pushing 100 degrees -- which is just too hot!!
So where does that leave me? I guess today is my official first week of training (which is good since i'm actually falling a 16 week plan!)

Monday, June 02, 2008

A week's worth of thoughts...

Training Recap:

Swimming and running doing well. Ran my first track workout in forever on tuesday - and my first trail run ever on wednesday. Currently running about 3 days a week with a 8-10 miler on the weekends. Going to keep doing that for a little while here - I think I am 18 weeks out from the Towpath marathon - so i need to decide what program to follow. i've done some research on the phitzinger, first, and hal higdon. Not sure what to follow - phitzinger (however you spell it) seems a bit intense, first seems not quite intense enough - any thoughts and what you guys think has worked best for you? Swimming is getting there - getting in the water 2-3 days a week - yardage is not quite what it should be yet - but i am getting better - i'm anxious to get in the open water - but am having some wetsuit issues...

A thought on wet suits

Per the sizing chart on the wet suits at 128lbs 5'6.5" I should be a medium - or maybe even a small. Well let me tell you - that is not that case - b/c apparently wet suits were not made for bodies shaped like mine! Went to bike authority to try on some of the sales rack wetsuits. I made steve come into the dressing room with me - b/c i knew i was going to need help. didn't really think the small would fit - but for 30% off - who knows it's worth a try. At the point where steve was grabbing the wetsuit to try and pull it up over my butt - but was only succeeding on picking me and the wet suit up off the ground i figured we better get the small off before i got stuck. well - onto the medium - went on much easier - steve zipped me up - and i said i'm choking - and he said no you're alright - well i turned around to look at him - and he was like oh my god - you are choking and unzipped it. I don't know what was wrong with me or the suit - but it was litterally choking me! so we got that off and tried on a large with no sleeves - which wasn't what i really wanted - and seemed like it might be a bit big. So i left the store - a bit defeated - really hot and kind of worn out. I think i can actually say that i've found something worse than trying on bathing suits... wet suits!!!

Race recaps:

I ran the eagle 5 mile race on May 24th and the Aetna Race for the kids 5k on this past sunday. I've had run the eagle run a few years ago - and the course is now in a different place - same sort of course though - winds through some pretty neighborhoods and is flat. They also do a nice job of giving you a wicking hat and long sleve tech tees. Well i knew going into the race that if i ran a decent race (sub 40 - which i've only done once before) I had a good shot at an age group award. And as age group awards are still very new to me - i get very excited at the prospect of winning one. I ran the race with my garmin for once so that i could keep track of my pace a little better - i needed to make sure that i kept my pace under 8:00 at all times. Tried to take it easy on the first two miles. mile one 7:30, mile 2 15:01 - perfect. Mile 3 23: something Mile 4 - don't remember - but i knew it was under 32 - pushed it in for a fnal time of 38:05. I almost threw up in the shute and the guy from hermes was like are you alright? i said oh i'm fine - just have a banana that wants to get out - and said oh ok - can you tear off your own number then? ha! I said it's not a good race unless you almost puke at the end! Got to the end of the shute - and they handed me 2nd place in my age group!!! yeah! It was a star shapped paper weight - one can never have too many of those! I looked up my time from the last time i ran this race - it was a 48:00 - so 10 minutes better!! woo hoo -- oh and I ran back out on the course to go get steve - he had said his legs were hurting and he was hoping to break 50.... well i came around the corner and there he was finishing in 43:59!!! that's his best time ever! So all in all it was a great day.

ok this is the longest post ever -- i'll tell you about sunday's race a day or so... i know i know - you are all very exctied - but contain yourself - you'll be ok...

Friday, May 23, 2008

a blast from the past....

found these pictures on my parents computer of the first duathlon that steve and i did in 2005... i'm not sure if you can tell from the attire, the hybrid bicycle, or the fact that there is no one left in the transition with us - that we had no idea what we were doing!!! It's funny to look back at how far we've come! I bet some of you were out there at hinckley zooming around me on my hybrid!!! and the best part -- i got 1st in my age group! (i was the only one ha ha!!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

deep thoughts on flag football

I've been playing flag football off and on now for about the last five years. During that time period our team has not gotten any better - well maybe we play a little better - but we still lose most games. When I first started playing - I enjoyed football for the exercise - but as I started training for the marathons I found that I didn't enjoy football as much. It became an obligation that got in the way of my training - playing flag football for 40 minutes is sooo not the same as getting a run in. Then I found that running the short sprints during the game in a pair of spikes was starting to hurt my shins - so i would center the ball and just go out for short passes. Well lately i've decided to make football more of an actual workout - run longer patterns - see who i can beat off the line, oh and volunteer to rush the quaterback on defense. Not a good idea. Especially this week. On monday I had a good 5.5 mile run at lunch followed by 1300 meters in the pool after work followed by some ab and back work in the weight room... followed by football.
Now the only reason i volunteered to rush is b/c the girl who has been rushing - is really short and not any faster than i am - so i thought at least my height could cause some distraction. I find that rushing is sooooo frustrating. In flag football you have to wait a 5 count before you can cross the line of scrimmage - well i know not to run diretly at the qb - to approach him from the side and try to force him to one side, get his flags or block the pass. I also know that if I am running right - he's going to cut left - but there is a clog in the system that runs that message from my brain to my feet - i swear i look like an elephant in slow motion trying to chase this guy down. I did not get his flags ... not once!!! And to make matters worse - my quads hurt so bad still (2 days later) even though i made yesterday a rest day ... that i am sort of picking my legs up and moving them to get out of the car! unbelievable! how can i not be this sore after running 20 miles - but make me run a bunch of little sprints for 40 minutes and I feel like my legs are going to explode!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

buckeye 50K????

I've been intrigued for awhile by the buckeye 50k. I've been told a lot of good things about this race. I've been thinking that I would really like to give trail running a try and that I would like to do the buckeye 50k at some point ( i even went and bought trail shoes). But here is my question - how does one train for a 50k? I just completed a marathon 2 weeks ago - so obviously I've got a decent base - but can i go from that to running a 50k in 2.5 months? and what kind of training schedule does one follow for that? Anyone have any advice for me? (besides get out there and start doing some trail runs of course!) Any input would be helpful - can i do this or no?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Congratulations to every who ran yesterday in the cleveland marathon! This was the first time in a couple of years that I haven't run one of the events... so it was kind of weird. I must say i was glad to not be running when I was laying in bed at 7:30 and it was pouring rain! I had told brian that I would come and run miles 16-26 with him - and fortunately for me - the sun came out just as I arrived at mile 16. I saw my friend Dave go by at mile 16 - and i ran with him for a bit - turns out - he made a wrong turn and turned with the half marathons - so he ended up running an extra 2 miles - i told him to think of it as training for an ultra marathon. He didn't find that amusing... I saw him after the race - and he had stopped his garmin at 26.2 - if it hadn't been for the extra distance he ran - he would have qualified for boston. Hopefully he won't get frustrated - and he'll qualify in the fall.... we'll see.
So - i picked up Brian and at mile 16 - he had a great race - and looked really good all the way til the end. I just hope that i was more motivating than aggervating -- b/c i know i can be a pain to run with. So I ended up getting a little over 11 miles in yesterday - not too shabby.

Oh - i've started a 1/2 ironman training program. Obviously i'll need to get a couple of sprints and open water swims under my belt before i attempt that - but I like to have a goal and a training schedule. First week was a little short on the swimming and running and waaaay short on the biking - but it was the second week after my marathon - so i can't be too unhappy with my totals. Here they are for last week..

Swim - 2600 meters
Bike - 20 miles
Run - 16.4 miles

Goal for this week

Swim - 4500 meters
Bike - 100 miles
Run - 20 miles

Not sure - if i'll get there this week - but i've got pretty good odds - especially with the holiday weekend and half a day on friday - if the weather holds out - hopefully i can get a nice afternoon ride in!

Oh - went for a run at lunch today and boy is it W-I-N-D-Y!!! i know the run down marginal yesterday was not exactly wind free - -but i am so glad that it wasn't as windy as today - i thought i was going to get blown away today!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

no south bend and mom's day 5k

I've been going back and forth on weather or not i should do this marathon in south bend on the 31st. so i finally did the old list of pros and cons - and it looks like the cons have it. Running another marathon now - is not going to make me run a better marathon next fall - and the $3.89 sign on I saw at the gas pump is another reason - not to drive all the way to south bend.
So now what? time to focus on my first triathlon and columbus marathon in the fall.
I ran a 5k on sunday - the first one i've run since december - so i have to say - my body wasn't quite sure how to react to the distance/pace. The race felt a lot faster than it was - my hamstrings were still very tight from the pig - but I finished in 23:39 - which is not the greatest - but is still what i call a "post high school p.r." (high school p.r. is a 20:50 -- i'll get there soon) It was good to get out there and do a 5k again - i look forward to doing more this summer. I warmed up with the serc group - and that was a lot of fun - they are really nice people - and usually I go to races by myself.
I had been toying with running either the zoo race or the 5k in strongsville that weekend instead... but chose the mom's day for it's location...looks like i would have probably been able to get an age group award at one of those races... i didn't realize that the this was the race for the crazy elites! The winning female time was 16:43!!!! that is crazy!!! Well the results are finally posted - and it says i got 4th in my age group. it also says i'm from chester maryland and that some other girl named elizabeth got third - and apprently amie who actually got third - didn't run the race at all - since i can't seem to find her name anywhere on the results! how weird is that?

in other news - i finally got bike shoes and speedplay pedals - haven't gotten to use them on the road yet - i'll be sure and post pictures of the bruises i'll get when i fall the first time out! and it's back to the pool - swam 1300 meters at lunch yesterday and felt like my head was going to explode... i keep telling myself that the swimming will come together eventually if i just keep at... as dori from finding nemo would say "keep on swimming ... keep on swimming" ok i'm done.

Friday, May 09, 2008


I don't know how to change a tire. on my car or on my bike. and so far i have gotten through life ok with this secret confession. Thanks to triple A and some good luck... But - it's finally catching up with me. I got my new bike shoes this week. Used them on the trainer last night to try and get a feel for them before i take them on the road and break my neck. Well i decided that maybe it would be nice to get out on sunday (weather depending) and go for a nice ride. well i realize that i always ride with steve - (and he can't ride with me this sunday) which made me realize that I don't know how to change a flat tire... which made me realize that going for a ride on my own would not be a good idea - b/c what do you do if you are alone with a flat and don't know how to change it? I've decided that this situation is ridiculous and I need to learn how to change a tire asap!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

going the extra distance

From the flying pig website...

"The Flying Pig Marathon has always prided itself in taking the event one step above the others. This year, unfortunately, due to a race morning fire emergency on the course, we have literally gone beyond 26.2 miles. The last minute re-route added .2514 miles to the original course.

The time that was recorded at the finish line is your OFFICIAL 2008 Flying Pig Marathon time. To obtain a comparable 26.2 mile time to your 2008 Flying Pig time, please use this online calculator"

So I guess according to the calculator - my actual time would have been 4:22:30. Do you know this is the second time this has happened to me? i ran a half marathon in dc last year - and they told us a few days after the race -that the 1/2 route was really longer than it should be. ha! i think that is funny. well a 4:22:30 looks better than a 4:25:01 - so i'll take it! That's a 25 minute and 40 second p.r!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Piggy Bonk

As brian said in a recent blog - the marathon is a distance that is intimidating and should be resepcted -- well at least he said something to that effect... and he is right. Going into the pig I didn't quite have my head on right. I went in there knowing that I had improved by great strides and that i was capable of doing big things - but i went in there also underestimating the marathon. In the one year and eight months since i completed my second marathon I seemed to gloss over the fact that a marathon is a mental challenge and that you have to be mentally tough. I need to work on my mental toughness - this race was the first race where I bonked and I was alone - i didn't have anyone there to pick me up an take me the rest of the way in. I was spoiled on my other two marathons to have that - but the experience of bonking when alone has taught me much more. I know that i will probably bonk at some point on my next marathon - but I know that i can get through it now - even by myself.
So quick run down....
Got down the race - stood in line for the bathrooms - got done with just enough time to run towards the start to try and find the pace team. The start was so packed and so tight that I sure there was no way we are going to find the pace team. Well the 3:50 and 4:00 pace teams were right at the front. I'm talking my chip time was only a minute off the clock time close to the front - which is ridiculous - but i wanted to make sure i was near the pace team - b/c i knew that was the only way i would maintain even pace. Well I get into the starting line and i can see the 3:50 pace team on the other side of the start - and there is no way i'm getting over there. ok - i'll just find them once i start running. Well the race director gets on the microphone and says we are going to be delayed by about 15 minutes -there is a fire around mile 20 and we are going to have to detour the course. The bad news is the course will be a little long - the good news is it will at least be as long as a marathon. everyone laughed b/c we thought he was joking. Nope - the course was some like a quarter mile too long -- they are apparently going to adjust everyone's times once they figure it out.
Well the gun finally goes off and my friend clare and I are off. It was 39 degrees when we got up that morning - and yet by 6:45 when the race finally started - it was warm enough to ditch my throw away shirt and mismatching pair of one red and one teal gloves. My plan was to follow my pace chart and go with the 3:50 team as they came up on me - b/c i was a little ahead of them at the start. First mile 8:45, perfect. second mile I was about a minute ahead of 3:50 pace, 3rd mile about 1.5 ahead of pace - figured that was ok- i had the hills coming up around mile 5 - so i figured it would be ok to have a little time in the bank. Lost clare around mile 6 in the middle of one of the hills. i have to say i was very happy with my hill training - I barely noticed the hills - and i felt great even as a i reached the top around mile 8.5. I saw my parents and my mother in law right before mile 7 - it was great to see them - and I felt really good - my mother in law took this picture at mile 7 - this is the top of one of the hills.

look pretty good i think. Well kept about a minute ahead of pace through the half. my official 13.1 time was 1:54 -- that's a personal best. Well around mile 14 i had to stop at the port o pot - and things got kind of ugly after that - never got back into my rythem. The 3:50 pace team caught up with me finally at mile 15 - and i was excited to see them - b/c i was needing someone to run with -- but they blew by me like i was standing still. That's when I think i became a head case. My stomach starting getting upset and I felt like i was going to throw up if i put another gatorade or gu in my face - so i started just rinising my mouth with water. Looking back i think I actually started to be dehydrated at that point. Training through the winter - i know i did not train to properly rehydrate myself - and although i felt i was putting too much in me - i wasn't putting in enough. Well around mile 16 i walked for a bit b/c i was tightening up big time - and i was getting upset at how far off pace i was falling. Well funny thing is - up until mile 19 or so I was still on pace to break 4 hrs. But things go worse - my hamstrings tightened up so badly that my back and calves locked up too. Walking hurt worse than running and the only thing i wanted to do was to lay flat on back and make the tightening spasming pain stop... which wasn't an option. I have never hurt that bad while running - ever and I don't know what caused things to tighten up that badly. Well i never saw the four hour group go by - heard the 4:15 group go by - maybe i would have had the energy to go with them - but the pacer was the loudest person i have ever heard in my life. She's is yammering on at the top of her lungs how we only have a 5k left - and although we are hurting and our muscles are in pain and we feel terrible, and we feel like we are not going to finish... it is only a 5k. Then she says i'll tell you my mile 23 pep talk.... when i was 13 my mother died of cancer - and as much as we hurt right now - this doesn't hurt as bad as she hurt when she was dying of cancer.

I couldn't take it anymore -- i was hurting so bad and feeling so sorry for myself that i couldn't speed up to get away from this women - so i started walking again. I made sure to finish my last mile strong - no walking no matter what. Steve literally caught me after i crossed the finish line. I cried. I was so upset at how dumb of a race i had run. how do you go into a race with hopes of breaking four hours - and end up walking as much as i did? but i learned a lot and finished in 4:25 -- well maybe 4:23 depending on how long the course actually was. But - I learned a lot - and even though i bonked bad - it was still over a 20 minute pr! can't beat that right?
So - what's next? I know i have better than a 4:25 in me right now - and i don't want to wait til fall. So - found a marathon in south bend indiana in four weeks. You finish in the notre dame stadium. So I will be yelling "Rudy Rudy Rudy" when i cross the finish line. The course is flat - but it will be hot. But here is the plan - suck it up bridget - it's going to hurt - you are going to probably bonk. I'm going to shoot for a more reasonable goal - like 4:00 - 4:10 - you know another p.r. by twenty minutes. Maybe i'm capable of more right now - but I think i'll ease into. Get a race in under my belt - were i actually pace myself and run smart... - and i'll revamp my training for a fall marathon - need to up my weekly mileage and my speedwork. eventually i'll get there - some things just take more time then you would like!