Friday, September 19, 2008

Highs and Lows

So - I finally had a good workout this week - so I followed it up with a crappy slogfest of a tempo run this morning. Poor Elizabeth was forced to hang with my slow butt. Big thanks to her for being patient and running with me. Just felt like I was running through wet cement. Oh wait we actually did run through some wet cement at one point this morning! Oh well - there are a thousand factors that played into why I didn't have a good run - but the bottom line is they happen - and bad runs are not magic eight balls that predict the outcome of your upcoming race -- that is - not unless you let them. So I am going to put it behind me and be glad that it is done... and be glad that it is friday. Let's see what I learned today.

1.) I still do not know how to use my garmin - I am garmin handicapped - anyone who spends $300 on a piece of technology like that should at least be able to tell you how far and at what pace they ran. Nope not me - elizabeth had to take it from me like i was mentally handicapped so we could figure out how far we actually ran.

2.) There is a plus to sun glare - it makes downtown look beautiful as the sun bounces of the buildings

3.) I do not know my way around the flats like I thought. Took a wrong turn today and spent 25 minutes touring the area -- recognized a lot of places from the st. malachi run - but could not get out!!

4.) fall is definately upon us - my hands were freezing this morning and my nose was running like a leaky faucet!

Ok that's all for today.

Oh here is something odd for you. So as runners we are pretty much all aware of our body size and weight. And... if someone were to say to you - hey you look like you've lost some weight - it's usually a compliment. Well I went to this dinner last night and I ran into an ex co-worker. She said to me... and I quote "you look really thin - I didn't recognize you. You look sick - have you not been feeling well" I am by no means sickly thin - but had I been - why would you say that to someone? what if i was battling some disease and i didn't want to tell you about it? you don't tell someone they look sickly - that would be like telling someone - gee you look a little heavy - have you been emotionally eating lately? ugh. people are weird. ok - that's really it for today... HAPPY FRIDAY!!! ONE MORE 20 MILER AND IT IS TAPER TIME!!! WOO HOO!!!


Brian said...

If I see a woman 9 months pregnant with 4 kids in her, I won't say anything. What if she's not pregnant.

I can't believe you can't use your garmin. Are those blonde roots? ha

solarsquirrel said...

The ex-coworker was obviously jealous because you look GREAT! I'm so envious of your thin, long legs!