Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So the long weekend is over and i'm back at work. Looking at the lake - i don't think it's happy the long weekend is over either -- The sky is a beautiful blue but the lake has the strip of gray yuck just hanging over it. I just watched the blue angels take off for what I can assume is their flight home - and it was kind of sad because it was hard to see them against the gray blech backdrop of the lake today. Well hopefully it's just fog and it will burn off. I had a nice weekend - too busy like normal but nice. Went to cincinatti to visit some friends - celebrated my mother in law's 60 birthday yesterday - and even got most of my closet cleaned out.
Here's the "ugh" part though - tell me if this makes any sense what so ever.
Last tuesday after work - i change into my running clothes and put on my running shoes. As soon as my right foot is in the shoe - i feel pain on the outside of my right foot. So i take the shoe off feel in there to see if there is something - put my foot back in -- repeat this for several minutes -and figure - oh well it will work itself out once i start walking. (note i haven't run since saturday and it is tuesday already) Well i meet amie at the track for our weekly track workouts - where she tells me she is having knee pain since saturday's run.
So - apparently my phantom foot injury decides it doesn't want to be outdone by amie's actual knee injury - and it starts really hurting - like i didn't finish my mile cool down hurting - and if you know me - if my workout says - mile cool down - i do a mile cool down - no matter what - so this is a big deal. Well I ice my foot and i don't run until friday after work. I'm suppose to do 10 at marathon pace - well i just wanted to test my foot out so - i just ran about 4.5 at marathon pace - i know not quite the same - but i was planning on running 15 the next day in cincy - so i figured i should take it easy. While i ran my foot was uncomfortable - it wasn't a sharp pain - but it wasn't right - but it also seemed that it wasn't getting any worse as i was running - just staying the same.
Saturday morning I set out on the bike path in loveland ohio -- it's kind of like the towpath - but there is no canal - just a river and it is paved - so it is more of a bike trail than an all purpose trail. Well i took my new garmin - and i had the best run ever. I set it to give me the average pace for the current mile i was on - and let me tell you how well that worked for me - I was able to average about an 8:25 pace (in case you are wondering bq is an 8:24 pace) - -easily/comfortably - which i attribute to the fact that I would look down and see that my pace was sub eight or in the low eights and I would slow it down a bit - so that i would not blow up. During this my foot hurt - but nothing that I couldn't run through - for example in a race if my foot hurt like that - i definately wouldn't stop - but in a training run - i figure i need to take it easy if i'm hurting like that. Don't want to do further damage So i went out 6 miles and came back 6 miles - thinking i could go out and back the other direction for the last three miles - well i got about a quarter of a mile to go steve was waiting for me - so we ran the last quater mile together. When we stopped i was hobbeling pretty good - so i called it quits. I haven't run since and i made sure i didn't bring all of my running stuff with me today so that i wouldn't be tempted to do my track workout.
I hate this - i know i need to take some time off to let my body heal - but after a run like i had on saturday - i feel like i am in such good shape - that i don't want to lose it - and i know i'm not going to lose 18 weeks of training in a few days - but still it's frustrating... especially since this injury seems like a phantom injury that my subconscious made up. How else does your foot not hurt one second and then the next second your self diagnosing yourself with tendanidous???


E-Speed said...

get out the tennis ball and roll that foot on it! You may have plantar. Do your workouts on the elliptical or in the pool this week so you don't lose fitness!

And if all else fails get thee to the doc!

Brian said...

Gotta love the mri's. Ibuprofen and ice.

ramblings of a runnner said...

ibuprofen and ice are wonderful. Especially the ibuprofen - my foot feels great at the moment.

Brian said...

i've got lots of percocets as well