Wednesday, September 17, 2008

when will i learn?

Why haven't I learned my lesson? Why do I think that each time I go up to the track by myself - that it will be a normal experience - a nice workout surrounded by other people happily working out? Why do I keep thinking that there will be no weirdos?
Last night - i had to work late - and amie I weren't meeting for our usual track workout. Well after having missed a few track workouts in a row b/c of my foot and etc... I wanted to make sure I got my workout in. So I drove up to the track to make sure there was no football practice or anything - went home farted around for a while - my neighbor stopped by - so long story short - i didn't get out the door til almost 7:45 - with the way it is getting dark so fast - i didn't want to be starting that late - but what can you do.
I go to the track to do my warmup -and it was fairly normally - people walking on the inside lanes etc - but no bikes or anything. There was also a group of what looked like parents having a meeting in the bleachers - but there were no kids and it was dark - so seemed like as strange place for a meeting. Well my workout was 10 400's with 400 recovery. I noticed there was a guy running at a pretty decent pace - he would pass me on my recovery runs and I would pass him on my 400's. Well I started to notice that he seemed to be trying to race me. No biggie I figured - and I ran on. Well i took a pit stop literally behind an equipment building. As I was peeing I heard my car key drop in the grass in the dark. Let's just say it takes a long time to find a key in the dark as it is - let alone when you are trying to avoid the area where you just peed. ok gross i know - but hey it happens. I find the key and get back on the track and I hear yelling. I realize that it is the guy who was trying to race me. I don't know what he's yelling or who he is yelling at. Well I run another 400 and he is really trying to race me - but while he's doing that he's yelling something about wind sprints and being 46 years old and all sorts of incoherent stuff. In the meantime everyone else has left the track. So - i decide that I'm going to call steve to come sit up here for my last 5 400's just because this guy is really creeping me out. I call steve I call our house I call steve several times - no answer - which is really odd b/c he ALWAYS answers his phone. So I drive home real quick - b/c i'm staying up there in the dark with the weirdo and now i'm afraid that steve has hit himself in the head or something while working on the demo of upstairs. I get home and steve is fine - just doesn't have his phone by him - so I say I left my water bottle and headlamp at the track just come up with me to get it. So we drive back up there and the guy is still there - but my water bottle and head lamp are gone. The guy took it and moved to the other side of the track! Well with steve there I started on my workout again. Fortunately after a couple of laps - my crazy yelling friend left. Ended up being a good workout - but sheesh - why can't I ever have a normal workout??? My foot is hurting a little bit - but I discover last night that if i put my foot at a certain angle I can stretch that part of my foot out and it feels better. So i'll keep icing and keep at it. Less than 4 weeks til towpath.... eek!

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E-Speed said...

your track luck is out of this world girl! Did you get back your gear from the weird guy? I wonder if it was someone I know!