Saturday, September 20, 2008

high school cross country

Today was quite a day. I took my grandpa to see my old high school cross country team race. It was really interesting watching the girls run. I could see in so many of them - myself - especially at that age... thinking that you have given it your all - when really you are capable of much more - if only you wouldn't be afraid to push past your limits. I wanted so badly to jump into that race - and do my high school running career over again. I could have been really good. If only I had believed in myself. I don't want to go to a marathon someday when I'm not able to run and think - wow if only I would have pushed myself - I could have been pretty good. Now is the time to go after what i want and to see what I am made of.
So I was feeling pretty inspired by the time we were ready to leave the race. My grandpa - however was not - he was feeling pretty sick. Long story short - on the way to the car Grandpa started not feeling well and was having a hard time walking. I took off to see if I could find the cop I had seen earlier b/c I was pretty sure we were going to need help. By the time i turned around - my grandpa had passed out - and fortunately steve had caught him and laid him down on the ground. Well the next race had to wait to start b/c not only did one ambulance show up -- but two fire trucks that were blocking the course. Grandpa tried to get up - b/c he was embarrassed but we kept him down and made sure we got him to the hospital. Still not sure what caused it. Grandpa claims he didn't fall and he didn't pass out. I guess it's not falling if someone catches you! He was certainly not responsive for a good minute - though he denies that too. The hospital has decided to keep him over night to run some more tests. So keep him in your thoughts - hopefully they will find what caused him to pass out.
But I digress from positive thoughts. I've just finished reading the latest issue of runners world - and I've paraphrased, edited and plagerized some quotes in there. I've printed them out - as my Towpath to Boston Positive Thoughts. Here they are.

Towpath to Boston Positive Thoughts

To dread a race is to give it too much power, to start strategizing about how to get over it, to calculate your strength versus its distance and grade is a lost-cause algorithm. Only you can work out your relationship to the hill you’re on.
Only you can outrun that inner goon who has not faith in you at all.

There will be a day when you can no longer do this. Today is not that day.

I’ve never regretted going for a run, but I have regretted skipping one.


Brian said...

Yea, what happened to you this am? I was there and good for about 3 miles.

E-Speed said...

hope you were able to get in your long run today if not no worries just do it next week, a 2 week taper is more than sufficient!

Brian said...

hope grandpa is feeling better. Three weeks 'til Towpath, right? Taper time!!

solarsquirrel said...

First off - I hope your grandpa is ok. Maybe he wasn't used to standing for a long time - even in the USMC when we would be standing at attention the guys would lock their knees and pass out - and these were guys in the best shape of their lives and in their 20's.

You are so right - running is mental. Put nothing but positive thoughts in your head for towpath and keep saying them. Don't compare yourself to other people - it's your race so be selfish and think about yourself.