Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tri-athalons and other stuff

So I finally did it - i finally got over myself and my fears enough to do my first tri. It was a sprint - and the swim ended up being a super super sprint because of the storm - but i still did it. and... i had fun.
Race re-cap:
I was nervous the night before - only because i was nervous about getting up so early and getting myself and my husband out the door with everything that we needed and getting Addy out the door before 6 a.m. I am not a morning person - oh i try - and for awhile there I thought that jen might be able to convert me - I'm better - preferring to do my workouts in the morning now - but by morning i mean 8 o clock ish... not 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. But i digress - I was worried Addy wouldn't sleep - and of course after weeks of sleeping at least 8 hours straight - she didn't have the best night. But we got out of the door on time - picked up my mother in law on the way and headed out to fairport harbor. In my haste to pack the family up for this race I never checked the weather report - i was assuming it was going to be like the rest of the weekend - hotter than hell. So it was a blessing and a curse that it was an overcast almost cool day when we got to fairport. They delayed the start of the race for awhile and talked of canceling the swim because of the waves - I really think the waves the boats made while we were practicing there the last few weekends were worse - but I understand they need to be cautious about lightening and people dying in the lake and all that.
Finally they decide we are going to go ahead and race - but that we will only be swimming out - not out and back... which was disappointing but at least my first tri wasn't going to turn into a duathlon. When my wave was waiting to start the storm really kicked in - Amie looked at me and said "i don't like this" I stayed calm though - when normally I would have freaked out thinking - well if amie said that - then it must be bad... but I was fine - I thought they might pull us out of the water - but then someone yelled "they said go" so we all took off. My first couple of strokes were beautiful - just like in the pool - and then i started getting kicked and hit - i know i know nature of the beast but i panicked a bit - and ended up kind of letting people go by so that i could have my own patch of water. Next time i'm going to head out to the outside of the swim lane - i may swim farther but then i wouldn't be pinned between a rope and a bunch of morons that want to punch me in the head.
As I got out of the water I waved at my dad and my mother in law and said quite enthusiastically "i didn't drown" I headed to transition where i may as well as layed down had a snack, watched a movie, and read a book for the time it took me to get in and out. The lense in my glasses was broken and kept falling out... i couldn't get my gloves on because they were soaked etc... it was ridiculous - but finally I got on the bike - got up the short steep hill with no problem - even passed a few girls on it. I haven't ridden my bike outside in over a year - and have just recently been riding on the trainer once a week for about 12 miles so i was hoping just to finish and hold around 16 mph. Well I just started riding and I looked down and I was fluctuating between 18-20 mph and I was passing people like crazy. I decided to not get all crazy and see if i could just hold around 18 - having never done this before i didn't want to kill myself on the way out and then not be able to maintain it on the way back. So i just started passing people - it was so much fun - i realized that the reason i was passing so many people was because my swim and transition were that bad! I think everyone in my wave must have been out of the water way ahead of me! I decided not to dwell on that and just focus on the fact that despite the ran i was having a great time.
After I hit the turn around point on the bike I saw Jen coming. I have to say - if i didn't know her she would have made me nervous - she looks so tough on that bike! I knew she was going to get me - despite the 5 minute lead I had on her - so I spent awhile trying to figure out how fast she must have been moving to make up 5 minutes in that short of a bike ride. Anyway I finished the bike ride without incident - didn't fall or break my neck or anything. Second transition went much better - b/c I wore my cages on my bike i didn't need to change shoes. I ran up the hill out of transition and was amazed at the amount of water sloshing around in my shoes. I was certain that I would be moving at around a 10 minutes pace - i figured that was about all i had in me.... but then as i was passing guys who started 10 minutes before me I decided to check my garmin and realized i was running and 8:20 something - which I know isn't lightening fast - but for someone who not exactly back into their fighting shape/weight and has never done one of these things I was excited! I finished the run strong - getting my pace down closer to 8.
I have no idea what my final time was - I don't know how i placed. I could have been dead last in my age group and I would have no idea.... but I don't care (ok i care a little) I'm just glad jen finally convinced me to do this - and I'm looking forward to my next race. I think I'll stick with sprints this summer - i know the distance is manageable and so next time i'll go harder on the bike and run - knowing that I can do this! Oh and congrats to jen on finishing 3rd in her age group - that is so cool!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

week 3

total miles running: 26
swimming: 0
weight loss: plus .5 pounds

i am typing this with one hand while holding a baby who just had her shots..so i apologize if it has some major typos...

This week Addy and I went with steve to baltimore for work... it was a bit of a challenge but we did well and i was able to get in a couple of runs on a local running path.

Mon: 4 miles w/stroller 10:05 pace
Tues: rest
Wed: 5 miles w/out stroller 9:11 overall pace - each mile faster than the last
Thurs: drive home from baltimore
Fri: 4 miles - w/stroller just under 10:00
Sat: 5 mile race 10:30ish with stroller
Sun: 8 miles - towpath 10:00 even

Jen, Will, Addy and I ran the eagle run in avon this week. I really like this race - it's a low entry fee they give you a long sleeve tech shirt, a tech hat and two water bottles and it's a flat course. Jen and I ran with the strollers and I think we were pretty much the hit of the race. "look there's babies" or "way to go mom's" was yelled at us multiple times. The guy at registration even gave Addy her own hat. It was a hot day - and I think jen and I did awesome - especially for 8 weeks post partum and pushing big old strollers! I'm so glad we were able to do this! I do think jen had another mile in her since she spent some time post race doing the cha cha slide while eating a piece of pizza! (don't worry I took video of this!)

My marathon training officially starts this week. Hopefully that will help get rid of some of this excess baby weight... I'm very encouraged by my running and by the fact that while i'm slow i am improving...however the fact that I gained another half a pound this week does not make me happy...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the running begin!

Solar reminded me that i am actually running again, so i have stuff to write about. Right now I'm just really focusing on getting in some miles...enjoying my runs both with addy and with out. Although when you run with a baby you always look tougher. This week some woman told me that she was "so impressed!" There's a boost for your ego! Alright - so I am into my third week of being allowed to exercise again. So let's recap

Week 1: 17 miles running 3200 meters swimming
Week 2: 21 miles running 2600 meters swimming

Week 1: ran for the first time - (straight running - not the run for five minutes walk for 5 minutes cheating i did before i got the all clear from the doc.) Ran on the towpath - steve kept informing me that we were running at a 10:30 pace - i told him i was going to revoke his garmin privledges as i was simply trying to run a few miles straight - not qualify for boston! We ended up getting in 4.25 - and the last mile was down into the 9:30's which hurt me a bit so we slowed it back down. Met with jen to run with the babies a couple of times - ran 4 miles - didn't really pay attention to pace b/c i was just enjoying the company and hoping that neither of the babies had a melt down. Besides - who tracks pace when you are pushing a giant stroller right? :)
One night i went to run a 4 mile loop by my house - went out at what felt good - ignoring the pace - first mile: 8:49 - woo hoo - second mile 11:30... too soon for the 8:49 - the rest of the run absolutely kicked my butt! steve was amused by it though. Swimming is going really well for me. I'm swimming about a mile each time i go - which i never did before....and i even swam 1000 meters without stopping which is unheard of in my world!

week 2: met with sara and jen and the babies to run twice - went 4 miles each time - had a blast and even went to mommy and me yoga before the one run!! Had a bit of a break thru on Thursday night. my parents wanted to see addy so i had them watch her while i went for a run... basically ran the same path that had kicked my butt with the 11:30 mile the week before ... ended up running 5 miles at a 9:27 pace with each mile faster than the first... my final mile was an 9:05 i believe. So that was definate improvement! On saturday steve and i wanted to make it out to mentor headlands for the ctc greater cleveland practice at 8...well we got there by 11. Close i know - anyway - my goal was to run 6 miles - my longest yet - with a super secret goal of 7. Steve and i took turns pushing the stroller - well.. mostly he pushed - we took it easy and i got the 7 in. I think overall was a 10:15 pace ...slower than i would have liked - but heck 7 miles in my second week!!! not too shabby. I also swam twice this week - even got to meet jen for a swim as csu... which is back to the 50 meter length - which definately kicks your butt!

This week - ran 4 on monday with the stroller: 10:05 average. Drank beer on tuesday...don't know why my pants still don't fit! and today it is 91 degrees... so i'm waiting for the sun to go down a bit before i do my run. I'm hoping for 5 tonight and this weekend's long run needs to be 8. Then my official marathon training starts on June 1st. eek! I'm going to follow a bit more of a first timers marathon plan - just to slowly build up the mileage. I'll focus on getting faster for marathon in the spring. Jen and I are doing a 5 mile race with the babies on Saturday- i'm excited it will be fun. Steve's really hoping to get a new 5 mile pr this weekend too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Addison Hope

So my baby girl got her first piece of mail the other day - her social security card and a bill for about $2,400 worth of hospital services. Can't wait to see what the total bill was for the delivery! Anyway it was really weird staring at the name "Addison Hope Smith" in bold black type on an envelope that contained her social security card. I realize that she has been her for 19 days already - but she's official - the government even knows about her...
I'm doing pretty good - especially for the emotional head case I can be about life in general. I've been getting out for walks and starting today I am reducing the number of cookies, cakes, chocolates etc that I have been using pregnancy as an excuse to eat.
Steve had to kick me out of the house to go for a walk the other day - because i was getting a little unstable. I walked one of my old 3 mile running loops around my house. It was funny becuase I've run down the streets hundreds of times and during my walk I noticed things I had never noticed before. I've heard people say that running is the best way to explore a new area - b/c you see things you never would in a car... well when you are walking slowly you see things that you would never see when you are running by or looking down to check your pace on your garmin. For instance the people on the street behind me must have all hired the same builder who was on crack to put additions on their homes. Teeny tiny little brick bungaloos with huge additions on the front, off to the side, off the back, over the garage. And of course you have to do one addition with vinyl siding and another one with stone - why would you want to even try to match the brick? Any way I digress...
On 3 weeks from this coming wednesday i should be able to start running again... and of course i've been obsessing over that first run - I have dreams where i am running as fast as I can and it is wonderful! I also spend time worrying about how out of shape i will be and will I ever be able to qualify for boston? Will i be able to juggle baby and running and everything else in my life? What all do i want to juggle in my life now that I have a baby? I worry because I lost 24 pounds in the first week and a half and now the scale isn't budging... will even my fat pants ever fit again? And how frustrating is it that i can't exercise for 23 more days?
I guess what i realized on my walk is that yes life will be different - but it will be wonderful in ways it never was before - and running will be different - and if i'm in the slow lane for awhile - that's ok - I just have to make sure I take the time to really look at and enjoy the things I've been running past... and you know what is awesome? This afternoon I put on a jack johnson cd and laid on the couch while my baby girl slept on my chest... it doesn't get much cooler than that.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm going to be a mom

Well Baby Smith has decided not to make her apperance. So tomorrow at 41 weeks and 1 day pregnant we're making her come out. My induction is scheduled for 4 a.m. - so it's basically tonight - well for someone who is awake most of the night it is anyway. Jen drove out my way today for one last prego swim, panera and some grocery shopping. It was just what i needed today. I've been getting crabbier -and a workout with jen always seems to get me back into a good place. It didn't really hit me that this baby is coming tomorrow (hopefully - hopefully it won't take til Thursday) until I took off my terrible giant purple/pink plaid bathing suit for what i realized would be the last time. It's very exciting - yet very scary. I am so excited to meet my daughter and to shed this incapacitaded body... but i am very nervous about labor. I think of people i know that are the biggest wimps who have survived... but i'm still so nervous. Obviously the human race has survived and i'm not exactly the world's biggest wimp... but still...
Wish me luck and a non-terrible -non-horror story delivery and hopefully before i know it i'll be posting pictures of our little girl and be blogging about being a mom on the run - literally.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

so close i can taste it

It is less than one week until my little girl is due. I feel like I am stuck waiting for a delayed airplane - and that i have no idea when the plane will arrive. I know that even if i have to be induced - she will be here by easter - and that she could be here any day now...but I'm ready to be done. I'm ready to meet this little thing that has been kicking the crap out of ribs for how many months now. I'm nervous... nervous to actually go through labor - nervous to actually have my own child. I'm excited though - excited for the next chapter of my life to begin. I'm excited to have my body back. i'm nervous about what kind of condition my body is going to be in after this is all said and done.
I can't fathom how much I am going to love this little girl - I think about my nieces and what they mean to me and how much joy they have brought to my life - and I can only imagine what it will be like to have my own child. I worry that I will have to ground her for the entire month of march 2031 - b/c she will most likely turn 21 on her spring break. Can you imagine how much trouble one could get into celebrating their 21st birthday on spring break? I worry about the fact that I will now worry for the rest of my life about her...
Back to running though - this weather has me soooo excited. I know i have to wait 6 weeks til after i have her to start running again - but after 39 weeks of pregnancy - 6 weeks doesn't seem all that bad. I ordered new running shoes last weekend when fleet feet was having a sale. My current running shoes turned into everyday "dress shoes" and are in pretty bad shape these days. I've also started considering options for a fall marathon. I'm looking at something out of state so that i can check another state off my list - but i'm also looking for something not too far away - since I don't want to make too many grand plans with baby smith on the way.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So i found out this morning that a kid I ran cross country with in high school died last night. He was 30 years old and collapsed while chasing a suspect. He was a police officer for Cleveland Heights. I haven't seen Tom in years. I remember mostly his goofball anticts - heck we were in high school - but he was a good guy. How is a 30 year old dead from chasing someone? I guess it just makes you think. Life is short. Too short to worry about the petty things. Enjoy each and every moment that we've got.
I was thinking this morning how much I can't wait for this baby to be born. I'm uncomfortable, I'm tired, and I don't want to go back to work this week. I am convinced my daughter is on a mission to break my ribs in two. How lucky am I that I am about to be a mother to a thriving daughter who is fiesty enough and strong enough to be beating on ribs so badly? How lucky am I to have a job that pays the bills? and how lucky am I to be tired and crabby because there is a new little life in me? I am beyond lucky - I have a wonderful life, a wonderful husband and family and I need to remember that each and every day - and stop taking moments for granted.
My thoughts and prayers are with tom and his family.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So I've just found out that my blog is still up and running and that i for once actually remembered my password. Looks like i haven't blogged since around the time i found out i was pregnant. I'm not sure why that was - maybe because this is a trianing blog and I didn't feel I would have any training to blog about. I wasn't feeling really very well for most of the first trimester - and I guess I didn't want my blog to get even whinier that it probably already is. But now that I am 20 days away from my due date I wish i would have blogged - wish I could have gone back and read what i was thinking and feeling during all these times. I had no idea that I would become friends with jen and sara and that because of them I would learn to actually enjoy swimming, that i would consider 3 miles with a friend a very satisfying workout, that I would start doing yoga and that I would discover that apple cinnamon french toast is one of the best things ever!
I'm so anxious right now - I keep telling Steve that I will probably never go into labor - yet at the same time i'm very nervous about the whole ordeal. Let's face it - this whole process is going to hurt... a lot. Work continues to stress me out - but thanks to good friends that take me to yoga and swimming I'm surviving. And I have to give special thanks for having one of the best husbands on the planet. At times I have been downright evil over trivial things like cleaning the stove top or scrubbing the toilets. Add to this his stressful job, training for a marathon and oh adding 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on to our house that needs to be finished before this little one arrives - and it's a wonder he has any sanity left. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him - and that I apologize in advance for the evil things I will say and do while in labor.
Jen and I are signed up to run the 5k "to catch a leprechaun" race this weekend. I had a dream that i had the baby and couldn't do the race. It got me thinking what races and stuff i accomplished during this pregnancy...

charlevoix marathon: 95% chance that the baby was on board for this race.... since i'll never be sure - i'm going to go ahead and say she was. Steve had been injured and was just given the go ahead to run/walk - so we did exactly that. It was beautiful there in upper michigan (not the peninsula) It took us a long time to finish the race - but it was a good time. Steve was tired/goofy enough that he started singing around mile 20. He was also loopy enough that he agreed to re-run through areas so I could get a better picture of him.

Muddy Paws 10 miler : Was feeling a little off this day - didn't know i was prego yet - ran a p.r. though

Put-n-bay 5k: My brother-in-law and family were in town from China. Ran the race with Steve and Lance. I thought we were all just running together - steve decided to go into a dead sprint at the end and kick my butt.... i'll pay him back for that one - i promise! Afterwards we ran another 7 miles to get a good ten miles in.

Marine Corp Marathon: someone by the name of steve decided that at around 20 weeks prego I should not participate in the marine corp marathon. grr. Deciding it was probably for the best - I put on my spectator hat and decided to run steve in from mile 20. I started my garmin when the race started so that I would be able to have a better idea of when steve would be at certain mile points. I was also curious how many miles I would cover that day - especially since i think that we probably walked over a mile to get to the start. Long story short - by the time we got back to the hotel - my garmin had registered 17 miles - add the mile before i started it - i'm 18.... I so could have finished that race. Turns out that according the results - i did in fact complete the entire marathon... steve wore my race number and chip accidently... which would explain why i wasn't getting any text alerts as to where he was. I told him - this means i'll have to run a marathon in virginia under his name - so he can get credit for that state in our goal to run in all 50.

Turkey Trot: Ran with Steve, Jen, Matt, and Matt's sister. This was a fun run - I must say I didn't like the way they changed the course this year - it wasn't real pretty and I was really counting on a port o pot stop by the muni lot. It's amazing how being prego makes you need to pee just about every mile and a half.

Jingle Bell Run: this was a ton of fun - there were 10 ladies who ran this and went out for pancakes afterwards - 5 of the 10 were expecting! We even wore signs that said "running for two and running for pancakes" or something along those lines.

Tri-Club Swim Challenge: As I've mentioned before - i am not a very good swimmer - nor do i enjoy swimming - but since running has gotten more and more uncomfortable i've gotten to the point where I swim 3 days a week. At first I would try for 800 yards - sad i know and slowly it has increased... never quite got to a mile. I've only swam a mile once or twice - and that was several years ago now. However - swimming with jen I seem to be improving - she says i'm the only pregnant person that gets better as I get further along in this pregnancy. So one day jen sends me an email asking if I want to do the 25 x 100's challenge. Since breakfast afterwards was involved - i was in. We took it in small chunks and we did it. That's the furthest i've ever swam!

So what's in store for after Baby Smith's arrival? Well - the jogging stroller is ready and waiting to get out on the roads. Since i'm much better at swimming than i use to be - i think at least a sprint triathlon is in my future this summer... and I want to get in at least 2 marathons before I start baking baby smith #2. I still want to qualify for boston. so i'm hoping to do a fall marathon just to get back into training mode - check off another state and just finish in whatever time. Then in the spring I want to qualify for boston....

i think perhaps i'll start blogging again - it's going to be quite a journey i'm sure!