Monday, February 12, 2007

what kind of clown hurts themselves while bowling?

Ok -- it's February 12th, 355 days til the wedding - and even scarier - 6 weeks til the DC 1/2 marathon. Haven't been running for the last oh -- 3-4 weeks -- having some pain in my right leg. Stopped running -- leg was still hurting. Stopped bowling -- leg stopped hurting - bowled two nights in a row ( i know i know you're thinking how can someone have such a stellar social life that they bowl once a week let alone two nights in a row?) Leg hurt like heck after the two nights of bowling!! Well anyway I really think i have been hurting myself from the way i shift my weight when i throw the ball! What kind of weirdo am I? Here i am being all sad and fat from not running -- and it might be because of bowling!!! Well i ordered new running shoes and got new inserts for my shoes. So -- going to try for a few miles on the treadmill tonight before pilates. Hopefully the new shoes combined with a new bowling style should correct my leg issues so that i can run this dc half marathon in a somewhat respectable time!! Wish me luck on this one kids!