Friday, November 03, 2006

Need to Run

I went to a really nice dinner this week with some Marathon Runners from TNT. We sat around and ate really good food and discussed all of our marathon experiences. It was a really amazing to learn that we all felt the same way... that running our respective marathons had truly changed us, and that the experience of Team in Training was something we never could forget. We also talked about how we didn't want it to be over, we wanted to keep running. I haven't run in almost two weeks now (since the San Fran marathon) and I am crawling out of my skin! Not only do I feel like a whale, I'm tired and crabby. When did I become a person who needed to run? Well as a group we decided to get together and run the Cleveland half in the spring. So there we go -- my first goal for 2007 - the cleveland half (i'm excited about this one because they have really cool medals - and it will be the 30th anniversary of the race I believe) So - steve is on his way to the doctor as we speak -- keep your fingers crossed that he will get good news about his legs!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

first timer


So I don't know about this whole blogging thing. seems to be the thing to do i thought i might give it a try....i know what you are thinking ... and yes if everyone jumped off a bridge...i might jump too! ha!