Wednesday, November 19, 2008

getting back on track

This week I actually went ahead and put my workouts on my outlook calendar. Figured if i had them actually scheduled in my day - i'd have a better chance of actually getting the workouts in. Today's track workout may kill me though. What to do - face the horrors of a treadmill - or a freezing cold track in the dark. i'm almost thinking the dark track sounds best...
Last night i squeezed in an "easy" 4 miler on the track at the gym and then a 20 minute pathetic attempt at a swim between work and a banquet i had to go to. When i say easy - I can't run easy when i am at a track on the gym - b/c inevitable some guy will come out on the track and try to run you over to prove their manhood by proving that they are moving faster than you - although usually they are just running a half a mile or something. So - I tend to get like a dog that's told he can't chase an ambulance when i'm running around the track - and finally i can't take it anymore - and I just let it all out for a few laps just to pass those stupid guys. So my "easy" 4 - turned into a bit more of a tempo run - can't be totally sure as i forgot my watch and had to rely on a digital clock - so if it said 5:20 - i had no idea if it was 5:20:01 or 5:20:59. Oh well that's all for now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what i learned today

3 reasons why people in ohio generally do not do track workouts in the winter

1.) it's dark

2.) it's cold

3.) running around the track in the dark and the cold really stinks.

Thanks to steve for getting my butt out to the track at 8:45 tonight when i got home - and for keeping me out there til i finished my workout - and even pacing me on my last couple intervals. He's the best!

Back at it again

After getting two back to back trail runs in this weekend - i finally feel like I'm back to it again. Which is a good thing - b/c I think that my body is genetically engineered such that when i don't exercise on a regular scheudle for a few weeks everything i eat goes directly to my butt. Seriously you should see the pants I have on today - who let me out of the house in a pair of pants that looks like it is being swallowed by my ass? I'll blame steve. ha!
Anyway - what has been going on. No news on the moley moley moley moley front. Got a card in the mail the other day that looked like an invitation of some sort I opened it and it said "please call your doctor immediately regarding your biopsy" good thing i had talked to them already or i would have cried all night. I'm still waiting for steve's aunt to give us the name of some of the doctors she's worked at at the clinic.
On the running front Steve and I ran 8 miles of blue hen falls the other day. Boy that is a lot tougher than pine lane. The first couple of miles were fun... miles 3-4 got rough - miles 5-6 i worried i wouldn't make it back -- miles 7-8 were fun again. we were suppose to run 12 - but we got such a late start that i was starving! So we called it a day and went home to eat steve's awesome home made stew! Saturday night we went to a night at the races fundraiser. I love those things - $10-$20 for all you can eat/drink plus you get to bet on horse races that were recorded in like 1962. I think stuff like that is hilarious. We had fun - and I behaved myself enough that when we met amie and Todd for another 8 miles on pine lane on sunday i was in good shape. That run went really well - we're not exactly blazing through the trails - but i can definately tell that i am getting more confident running on the uneven terrain. I'm really interested to see how my running will improve after training for this 50k. Trail runs are hard work! I have to do my track workout later tonight in the cold and dark by myself - fortunately steve is going to come and watch so I don't have any weirdo issues... I hope to get a tempo run in wednesday night - any takers for a run wednesday night after work? and then saturday is 14 on the trails and i think sunday is 8 on the trails. Hope you are all having a great week!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am so tired of doctors. I have been to the doctor more times in the last two months than i think i have in my entire life. Not only did I have my stupid bronchitis etc. that wouldn't go away... but 4 months ago a co-worker and I were talking about her trip to the dermetologist. She was going their to have a mole removed. Well that got me to thinking about a mole that i had on my leg that looked like it had changed shape. Ok - i know this is gross and no one really cares. However - i'll carry on. So I decided to go to the doctor - my appointment was 2 weeks ago - where of course she decided to biopsy said mole. So now i have a giant hole in my leg and no bandaids left in my house. At the rate this was healing i was thinking maybe i could get back in the pool in another two weeks... Well the doctor tells me - we'll let you know in 1-2 weeks the results either way of the biopsy. So today is 2 weeks - i still have heard nothing. Girl at work informs me that when there was something wrong they called her right away and sent her to a plastic surgeon... otherwise i was probably fine. So I call the doctor and they call me back and inform me that this is a "very abnormal mole" that i will need to go have a larger hole of skin removed from leg - one requiring stitches. I said is it cancerous? She said it is "a very abnormal mole" that will most likely turn into cancer. What the heck does that mean? Is this just a CYA for the doctor? Am i seriously going to get skin cancer if I don't let them hack another whole into my leg? Is boring into my leg really going to prevent cancer? Judging from my experience and my co-worker's it seems like this doctor just likes to cut things off of people! So stitches - how long do you think they'll tell me i'm not allowed to run or swim for after that one?
I know i know - IF this is cancerous than missing a few weeks of running and swimming is well worth it to prevent cancer... I just don't know if i believe them. "very abnormal" coming from somone that seems to like to cut a lot of people up - just makes me sceptical. So that's what's going on with me today. needed to vent. I don't want to go get another hole cut in my leg