Tuesday, June 01, 2010

week 3

total miles running: 26
swimming: 0
weight loss: plus .5 pounds

i am typing this with one hand while holding a baby who just had her shots..so i apologize if it has some major typos...

This week Addy and I went with steve to baltimore for work... it was a bit of a challenge but we did well and i was able to get in a couple of runs on a local running path.

Mon: 4 miles w/stroller 10:05 pace
Tues: rest
Wed: 5 miles w/out stroller 9:11 overall pace - each mile faster than the last
Thurs: drive home from baltimore
Fri: 4 miles - w/stroller just under 10:00
Sat: 5 mile race 10:30ish with stroller
Sun: 8 miles - towpath 10:00 even

Jen, Will, Addy and I ran the eagle run in avon this week. I really like this race - it's a low entry fee they give you a long sleeve tech shirt, a tech hat and two water bottles and it's a flat course. Jen and I ran with the strollers and I think we were pretty much the hit of the race. "look there's babies" or "way to go mom's" was yelled at us multiple times. The guy at registration even gave Addy her own hat. It was a hot day - and I think jen and I did awesome - especially for 8 weeks post partum and pushing big old strollers! I'm so glad we were able to do this! I do think jen had another mile in her since she spent some time post race doing the cha cha slide while eating a piece of pizza! (don't worry I took video of this!)

My marathon training officially starts this week. Hopefully that will help get rid of some of this excess baby weight... I'm very encouraged by my running and by the fact that while i'm slow i am improving...however the fact that I gained another half a pound this week does not make me happy...

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JenC said...

Oh I forgot about the video! I think you are right about having more in me.

You are doing so awesome momma!!