Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the running begin!

Solar reminded me that i am actually running again, so i have stuff to write about. Right now I'm just really focusing on getting in some miles...enjoying my runs both with addy and with out. Although when you run with a baby you always look tougher. This week some woman told me that she was "so impressed!" There's a boost for your ego! Alright - so I am into my third week of being allowed to exercise again. So let's recap

Week 1: 17 miles running 3200 meters swimming
Week 2: 21 miles running 2600 meters swimming

Week 1: ran for the first time - (straight running - not the run for five minutes walk for 5 minutes cheating i did before i got the all clear from the doc.) Ran on the towpath - steve kept informing me that we were running at a 10:30 pace - i told him i was going to revoke his garmin privledges as i was simply trying to run a few miles straight - not qualify for boston! We ended up getting in 4.25 - and the last mile was down into the 9:30's which hurt me a bit so we slowed it back down. Met with jen to run with the babies a couple of times - ran 4 miles - didn't really pay attention to pace b/c i was just enjoying the company and hoping that neither of the babies had a melt down. Besides - who tracks pace when you are pushing a giant stroller right? :)
One night i went to run a 4 mile loop by my house - went out at what felt good - ignoring the pace - first mile: 8:49 - woo hoo - second mile 11:30... too soon for the 8:49 - the rest of the run absolutely kicked my butt! steve was amused by it though. Swimming is going really well for me. I'm swimming about a mile each time i go - which i never did before....and i even swam 1000 meters without stopping which is unheard of in my world!

week 2: met with sara and jen and the babies to run twice - went 4 miles each time - had a blast and even went to mommy and me yoga before the one run!! Had a bit of a break thru on Thursday night. my parents wanted to see addy so i had them watch her while i went for a run... basically ran the same path that had kicked my butt with the 11:30 mile the week before ... ended up running 5 miles at a 9:27 pace with each mile faster than the first... my final mile was an 9:05 i believe. So that was definate improvement! On saturday steve and i wanted to make it out to mentor headlands for the ctc greater cleveland practice at 8...well we got there by 11. Close i know - anyway - my goal was to run 6 miles - my longest yet - with a super secret goal of 7. Steve and i took turns pushing the stroller - well.. mostly he pushed - we took it easy and i got the 7 in. I think overall was a 10:15 pace ...slower than i would have liked - but heck 7 miles in my second week!!! not too shabby. I also swam twice this week - even got to meet jen for a swim as csu... which is back to the 50 meter length - which definately kicks your butt!

This week - ran 4 on monday with the stroller: 10:05 average. Drank beer on tuesday...don't know why my pants still don't fit! and today it is 91 degrees... so i'm waiting for the sun to go down a bit before i do my run. I'm hoping for 5 tonight and this weekend's long run needs to be 8. Then my official marathon training starts on June 1st. eek! I'm going to follow a bit more of a first timers marathon plan - just to slowly build up the mileage. I'll focus on getting faster for marathon in the spring. Jen and I are doing a 5 mile race with the babies on Saturday- i'm excited it will be fun. Steve's really hoping to get a new 5 mile pr this weekend too.

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