Friday, September 05, 2008

phantom foot pain update

I did not run Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I spent the week icing and taking ibuprofren. B/c of work only swam once and never got to that darned eleptical. That's all i did. I feel like such a cow. I don't think I can ever give up working out - I just feel like a big pile of lumpy mashed potatoes. Anyway - on Wednesday when i ran down the steps in my house to get something - i realized that my foot was finally feeling better. So last night i took the old foot for a test run. It didn't really hurt - but it felt kind of funny - so i just ran 3 miles - no need to do too much too soon. My legs felt like lead though. I ran my warmup mile in 8:56 which i was pleased with for a warm up - but then i decided to pick it up for the next couple of miles. Yeah - 8:53 for mile two and then 7:56 for the last mile - my legs felt like i was running a sub 6 pace. Guess maybe my legs are still a little heavy from all the inactivity. Either that or the the ten pounds i feel like i gained this week... maybe i really gained it - in each leg - and that is why they are so heavy... ok or maybe not.
Well i woke up this morning - and my foot hurt. So i iced it for awhile - feels alright now -- i think i just need to cut my miles a little over the next few weeks and make sure to ice like crazy. I only have 2 more weeks til my taper starts - so i'm hoping I'll be ok. I've got 20 miles scheduled for this weekend. Was going to do it saturday - but I think i'm going to wait til sunday to give my foot another day of rest. If it starts hurting - i'll forgo the 20 -- it's not like i haven't already run 3 20 milers in this training program. Ugh - i just hope this doesn't all fall apart now... Keep your fingers crossed that things work out!

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