Monday, August 04, 2008

it's been awhile

wow - can tell i've been busy - haven't blogged and haven't logged all of my workouts. what's been going on?...
Well - last weekend did a 14 miler with amie on the towpath - i think the most noteworthy part of that run would be the point where i stopped running and started yelling and grabbing my nose. (I think amie thought I had lost my mind at this point) Well some bug had decided to kamakazee up my nose so far and with such velocity that my nose started bleeding which led to a huge sneezing fit on the middle of the path. I think the bug is still lodged up in my sinus cavity - somewhere i swear!
Got a good track workout in - and then failed at a lunchtime attempt at my tempo workout. I HATE tempo workouts. I get myself all psyched out before them - thinking i'll never be able to do the pace - then i decide to do them at the hottest time of day - and i just become a head case. Was suppose to do a 5 mile tempo run - was so hot and dehyrdrated that barely got through 3 miles of it - before i called it quits. I was maintaing pace - but i stopped every mile - which defeats the purpose i think. So - I was a little nervous about my 20 miler the next day. Steve was nice enough to offer to ride on the towpath with me. So we set out saturday morning - and i decided to just run at a nice pace - and to ignore the garmin (thank goodness i did - it ended up being 2.75 miles short by the end of the run -- i want a new one so bad!!) I ended up running most of the towpath marathon course - and I am starting to get to know where the mile markers are and where the water stops are. It was great having steve out there - i didn't have to worry about carrying enough water or gu and fortunately the odometer on his bike is a lot more accurate than my old school garmin. So - i ended up keeping a steady 9:10 pace - just what the old chart says i should... i'm getting worried about how this is going to translate to a 8:24 overall pace for the marathon... well that's all for now... gotta run.


Brian said...

once i heal up., i'll come out and run a lttle or ride

Brian said...

Try designing a tempo run that gradually builds pace or one that allows for some rest intervals (i.e. light jog)