Wednesday, July 23, 2008

track workouts

So here's a question - if one runs a track workout on a cinder track that is half grown over with grass and weeds - is that kind of like a trail track workout? ok i know - not funny. Anywho - couldn't make it out to solon yesterday - and my usual track was occupied so i settled for the local cinder track. It was actually kind of nice - i thought the cinders might slow me down a lot - but really it was just nicer on my body - not so jarring - didn't hurt my shins and my back. I wasn't sure if the track was a full 400 or not - so i checked it on the gmaps pedometer thingy - and it said it was .23 miles - so i thought - well that could just be my error in tracing around the track - you can only zoom in so far. Well i did my warmup - that was suprisingly quick - so i thought - well maybe it is a little short. So the plan 3 x 1 mile - goal between 7:00 and 7:25 Ran the first one at a suprisingly easy 6:30. Um yeah - track was definately short. So I got the old Garmin out ran the next "mile" in 6:33 - and then kept running til the Garmin said one mile - so my second real mile was a 6:56 - which i'm thinking made my firt mile the equivalent of 6:53. I was pretty excited about this - that and the fact that there were no weirdos riding bikes or walking dogs on this track - when lo and behold 1 lady and 2 girls came down to the track to start walking across the entire track. So I started my mile and yelled "i'm passing on your left" i've never seen 3 people jump like that - I said "i've got 4 quick ones to do" So they stayed out of my way the entire time. But i felt like after making them move out of my way like that - that I better keep my pace up - final mile 6:46.... hmmm maybe a 21 minute 5k or sub 21 (well let's not get crazy) is in my future soon. So I apologized to the ladies - didn't mean to be a track beotch - but I'm so tired of dodging people when trying to do timed stuff on the track!!! All in all - another pretty good workout under my belt.

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Brian said...

you've come a long way in your running! keep it up!!