Monday, July 07, 2008

Back in the Game

I missed a key workout last week. Yup - and I'm not going to worry about it. I got a good track workout in - a 5 mile glorious tour of downtown canton ohio and a thrilling 15 miler on the towpath. The 15 miler was tough - first of all I went out the night before and had two weeks of eating and drinking crap prior so needless to say my stomach was not happy - so... i didn't get started til after 12 - so yes it was hot... but i had to get it in. I'm also trying to see how i react to long runs on the towpath by myself. If I'm going to run this towpath marathon - i need to be mentally able to do it myself - and we all know how not exciting that path can be. I'm hoping i'll be able to keep pace with others when i run the towpath - but you can never count on that - what if the girls are havign a great day - and go out for a 3:30 pace? then i need to be able to get through it on my own. So - I think i did alright - goal 9:05 pace - ran the first 7 out in 8:46 took a break at peninsula b/c the stomach was still pretty funky. headed back north - stopped at boston store and basically took a shower in the water fountain because i was so hot - Not counting the two "breaks" i took I did the second 7 in 8:53 pace. followed by mile number 15 - that i did at a 9:40 pace... yeah i know dropped off the pace a bit - just wanted to get that last mile in though...
So now what? now - I'm starting this week fresh - no missed "key" workouts - and back to the bike and the swim. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that work stays calm for a bit. Oh - so i was reading espeed's blog - and saw she got the new 405 garmin... oh i'm so jealous - i have the old school garmin that won't work in cities or trails... great for around the neighborhood - but oh how i want that 405... so then it hit me - duh that's what i'll save all my quarters for - so hopefully by the end of this marathon training i'll have enough to buy the 405 -- guess i better really work at getting my miles in.

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