Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I swam in a lake and i didn't die.

I would just like to inform the blogging world that i swam about 1200 yards in a lake with out a wetsuit - and not only did i not die- i didn't hate it either. Ok - so it wasn't lake erie - and there were places where i could touch - but it was dirty water and it was ok - and i'm going to go back next week i think.
So i mentioned in my last post that i think my body is handling hot weather better than i use to. Well knock on wood. Went for a run a lunch today it was about 84-85 degrees. This was the workout
1 mile warm up
4 miles at 7:47 pace
1 mile cool down

This is what happened.

1 mile warm up 9:47 - breathing really hard and very tired.
1st mile 7:37 - stopped to drink some water
2nd mile 7:48 - stopped in the middle of the mile though so as not to pass out
3rd mile - told myself to suck it up - and that i was being dramatic. I think it was around a 7:40 - not sure if it was a whole mile b/c i was feeling pretty delerious and couldn't quite remember where the mile mark was. Stopped and hid under a tree for awhile to try and cool down. Decided it would be ok - to forgo the 4th mile at pace - and ran/walked the last two miles back to the gym.

It took me so long to get through those last two miles that i took an extra half hour at lunch. I was planning on an hour and a half - by the time i walk to the gym and shower afterwards etc etc - but i was gone for two hours! i almost called my boss to come pick me up. It was HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. I think i finally have enough water in me that i'm finally not feeling so sick. We'll see how this evenings swim goes - maybe i'll forgo the swim and just watch the synchro swimming competition....

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Brian said...

Definately not a wimp... make sure to listen to your body in this extreme heat or you'll end up with heat stroke or worse.