Tuesday, July 01, 2008

bridget and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day (well days)

I don't talk about work on my blog - because i don't ever want anything to get back to someone etc. etc. but i have to say that last week and this week so far have been the most awful terrible days in recent memory. And I know i'll get through it - I will - but I am so tired, stressed, burned out etc... that at times i doubt that I will even have a job by week's end - because i won't be able to get through this stuff. And the worst part of this is the toll it's taking on my training - I managed to get all of my running in last week - but i biked 0 and swam 800 meters - before barely pulling myself out of the pool b/c i was so tired. i know that that happens - and i'll have more weeks like this - but it sure doesn't help motivate me to want to do a track workout by myself tonight in the dark after I finally get out of work. well bitching about it doesn't help - i'm just taking a ten minute break here to feel sorry for myself.
let's see what else is new here... i have raised $90 of my $250 for ms - so that's a positive light... oh and my training run down for last week.

Mon - 3 miles easy - 1 hr flag football (rushed the quarterback the whole time so i'll count that as some speed work!)

Tues - drank beer with boss after late night of work

Wed - a.m. track workout
1 mile warm up
400 strides
3x miles with 400 ri (7:26, 7:16, 7:17)
1 mile recovery

Took the first mile a little slowly - b/c i haven't done mile repeats in about ... oh ... ten years - would like to have all three closer to 7 flat

Thursday - work function at night - drank beer

Friday a.m.
2 slow (18:10)
2 short tempo (7:05, 7:26 -- second mile all uphill)
2 slow (18:00)

Saturday - worked in yard

Sunday - Ran columbia station half marathon. Goal - run 8:50 pace - ran a 1:56:00 so a pace of 8:55 - know i should be able to run a half marathon faster than that - but the training plan said 13 miles at a 9:20 pace - so I figure that was good. That and it was a p.r. by about 8 minutes for an actual half marathon race... Won my age group - not as fun when there is only one other person in your division though...

oh and get this - got to the race and signed in - kind of milled around for a bit - warmed up a little bit - about 5 minutes before the race starts - the race director says - oh the start line is .6 miles down this road. You're telling me they couldn't figure out a 13.1 mile route that started and stopped a little closer together than .6 miles? not that i minde walking .6 miles - but it just seemed silly to me! but no one asked me!

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Brian said...

hope work gets better. that's a good half marathon time for this early in your program.