Wednesday, May 14, 2008

no south bend and mom's day 5k

I've been going back and forth on weather or not i should do this marathon in south bend on the 31st. so i finally did the old list of pros and cons - and it looks like the cons have it. Running another marathon now - is not going to make me run a better marathon next fall - and the $3.89 sign on I saw at the gas pump is another reason - not to drive all the way to south bend.
So now what? time to focus on my first triathlon and columbus marathon in the fall.
I ran a 5k on sunday - the first one i've run since december - so i have to say - my body wasn't quite sure how to react to the distance/pace. The race felt a lot faster than it was - my hamstrings were still very tight from the pig - but I finished in 23:39 - which is not the greatest - but is still what i call a "post high school p.r." (high school p.r. is a 20:50 -- i'll get there soon) It was good to get out there and do a 5k again - i look forward to doing more this summer. I warmed up with the serc group - and that was a lot of fun - they are really nice people - and usually I go to races by myself.
I had been toying with running either the zoo race or the 5k in strongsville that weekend instead... but chose the mom's day for it's location...looks like i would have probably been able to get an age group award at one of those races... i didn't realize that the this was the race for the crazy elites! The winning female time was 16:43!!!! that is crazy!!! Well the results are finally posted - and it says i got 4th in my age group. it also says i'm from chester maryland and that some other girl named elizabeth got third - and apprently amie who actually got third - didn't run the race at all - since i can't seem to find her name anywhere on the results! how weird is that?

in other news - i finally got bike shoes and speedplay pedals - haven't gotten to use them on the road yet - i'll be sure and post pictures of the bruises i'll get when i fall the first time out! and it's back to the pool - swam 1300 meters at lunch yesterday and felt like my head was going to explode... i keep telling myself that the swimming will come together eventually if i just keep at... as dori from finding nemo would say "keep on swimming ... keep on swimming" ok i'm done.

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