Wednesday, May 07, 2008

going the extra distance

From the flying pig website...

"The Flying Pig Marathon has always prided itself in taking the event one step above the others. This year, unfortunately, due to a race morning fire emergency on the course, we have literally gone beyond 26.2 miles. The last minute re-route added .2514 miles to the original course.

The time that was recorded at the finish line is your OFFICIAL 2008 Flying Pig Marathon time. To obtain a comparable 26.2 mile time to your 2008 Flying Pig time, please use this online calculator"

So I guess according to the calculator - my actual time would have been 4:22:30. Do you know this is the second time this has happened to me? i ran a half marathon in dc last year - and they told us a few days after the race -that the 1/2 route was really longer than it should be. ha! i think that is funny. well a 4:22:30 looks better than a 4:25:01 - so i'll take it! That's a 25 minute and 40 second p.r!

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