Wednesday, May 21, 2008

deep thoughts on flag football

I've been playing flag football off and on now for about the last five years. During that time period our team has not gotten any better - well maybe we play a little better - but we still lose most games. When I first started playing - I enjoyed football for the exercise - but as I started training for the marathons I found that I didn't enjoy football as much. It became an obligation that got in the way of my training - playing flag football for 40 minutes is sooo not the same as getting a run in. Then I found that running the short sprints during the game in a pair of spikes was starting to hurt my shins - so i would center the ball and just go out for short passes. Well lately i've decided to make football more of an actual workout - run longer patterns - see who i can beat off the line, oh and volunteer to rush the quaterback on defense. Not a good idea. Especially this week. On monday I had a good 5.5 mile run at lunch followed by 1300 meters in the pool after work followed by some ab and back work in the weight room... followed by football.
Now the only reason i volunteered to rush is b/c the girl who has been rushing - is really short and not any faster than i am - so i thought at least my height could cause some distraction. I find that rushing is sooooo frustrating. In flag football you have to wait a 5 count before you can cross the line of scrimmage - well i know not to run diretly at the qb - to approach him from the side and try to force him to one side, get his flags or block the pass. I also know that if I am running right - he's going to cut left - but there is a clog in the system that runs that message from my brain to my feet - i swear i look like an elephant in slow motion trying to chase this guy down. I did not get his flags ... not once!!! And to make matters worse - my quads hurt so bad still (2 days later) even though i made yesterday a rest day ... that i am sort of picking my legs up and moving them to get out of the car! unbelievable! how can i not be this sore after running 20 miles - but make me run a bunch of little sprints for 40 minutes and I feel like my legs are going to explode!

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JenC said...

Sam doesn't have a long ride scheduled this weekend, but I'd be up for meeting for a ride on Sunday. If interested, e-mail me at srl2w at yahoo dot com.