Tuesday, May 20, 2008

buckeye 50K????

I've been intrigued for awhile by the buckeye 50k. I've been told a lot of good things about this race. I've been thinking that I would really like to give trail running a try and that I would like to do the buckeye 50k at some point ( i even went and bought trail shoes). But here is my question - how does one train for a 50k? I just completed a marathon 2 weeks ago - so obviously I've got a decent base - but can i go from that to running a 50k in 2.5 months? and what kind of training schedule does one follow for that? Anyone have any advice for me? (besides get out there and start doing some trail runs of course!) Any input would be helpful - can i do this or no?


E-Speed said...

I meant to email you back on this. I'm always tentative to recommend an ultra to anyone because then I feel responsible if they hate it but that being said, Do it! ;)

Train for it just like you would the marathon except make sure your long training runs are on trails, and be prepared to slow down a bit and enjoy the scenery! Get out and do the VR training runs on the course as soon as they start and you will be ready to go for the race! (And remember to walk the hills!)

Try to work up to a 20-23 mile run. Time on your feet is more important than the mileage.

we can chat more about it later but the race will fill up so I would make your decision soon.

Brian said...

I'll email the schedule I found. It's not much different than marathon training. the long run was 24 miles. It's much more fun then a road race.