Thursday, October 02, 2008

A B and C goals

After some email chat with my wise running friend mr whittaker... I am feeling wayyyy better about next sunday. First off - Brian will be out there around mile 20-22 - and is going to run me in if i need it - which will be awesome - especially if my super speedy cohorts have left me by that point! Number two - brian was telling me to set an A B and C goal -all of which I will be satisfied with... so here they go.

A. 3:40:49

B. 3:50

C. Break 4 hrs

Hopefully it will be an "A" kind of day... but hey a "C" is a passing grade as well no? I was also looking at the calendar - b/c come end of january my current job position should be changing. Well to put that amount of time in perspective - I will have run 2 marathons (towpath and disney) and hopefully my first 50k (buckeye winter 50k) between now and the time I get into my new position. Crazy when I look at it that way.

Last night Steve and I ran on pine lane for about 6 miles - it gets dark so fast! When we got done I noticed they have signs posted saying that the towpath will be closed october 12th for the marathon!!! I can't believe it's almost here!!

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E-Speed said...

Hey tell Brian he better be careful with the pacing. The park is extremely strict about non racers being on the towpath that day and will give you a ticket. I want to do the same thing and am banking on my volunteer shirt getting me a free pass but I'm not counting on it. I have a plan though so tell Brian to contact me!