Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm not sure if any of you read the lastest edition of runners world or not - but there is an article about two women who train to do the nike women's marathon. As a source of motivation the one woman gives herself a dollar for every mile she runs. I thought that was a really cool idea until I realized that if i stuck with my schedule that could add up to $40 or more a week - which is $120 a month - and that as motivating as it would be - is not going to happen - not unless someone would like to donate that to me. So I decided that maybe $.25 a mile would be more appropriate - well then i decided to have a little contest with steve. It started Sunday June 8th - and ends the day after the greater cleveland half ironman. Well we needed to make it fair so we've decided to count biking and swimming too.
Here's the deal - if a half ironman is approximately 1.2 miles swim, 13.1 miles run and 56 mile bike - we decided that if each running mile was worth 1 quarter and 56bike=1.2swim=13.1 run - then for every 4 miles bike you get a quarter and about every 200m swimming you get a quarter. I think the 200m is a little low. But that's ok. Steve is currently up but quite a bit - guess that's what happens when he can swim almost twice as fast as me!
We're not sure what the winner gets besides bragging rights - but i'll keep you posted!
oh - we got our wetsuits- if the weather holds - tonight will be my first ow swim and wetsuit swim!

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