Tuesday, April 29, 2008

mind tricks

Do you think that our minds play tricks on us when it gets close to a significant event? By this I mean - how much is our brain able to control what is physically going on with our bodies? For example - 18 days before my wedding I came down with a horrible stomach flu... Would I have gotten sick even if I had not been getting married in 18 days? Did the stress of planning the wedding weaken my immune system? Did the worry of the possibility of getting sick actually make me sick?
Ok now - 5 days before the pig... i have been coughing non-stop and my head is killing me. But the weird thing is - it's a dry cough - a tickle in the back of my throat - there isn't any signs of chest congestion.... So what is it? I wonder - am i fighting off some sort of bug? or is my nervousness making me sick? or... is my brain creating a safety net - something i can fall back on.... well you know i didn't make my goal - but i was coughing the entire week before the race... so considering that -- i did really well... guess it just amazes me how much of a mental sport this really is? So my plan for now -- positive think my goofy cough away before race day! and if it doesn't go away - consider it a good luck charm! ha! I really should seek therapy i think...

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E-Speed said...

It's pretty common to get sick during taper. Just get in plenty of OJ and rest this week. You'll be fine!