Monday, April 14, 2008

20 miles, mr. hero and an early bed time

so i did my last (and actually only 20 miler since my first one was a bit of a fiasco) on Sunday. Forcast called for rain/snow mix - which did not help add to my apprehension. I was up most the night worrying that I would over sleep and that the 20 miles would be awful. Well I met Brian and Boris at 7 a.m. for our run. It rained on us lightly - but no snow - and was overall pretty nice conditions to run in. The run went really well.. thank goodness brian was there to reign me in. he kept us at a 9:30 pace - b/c as he kept saying "if your goal is to break for hours - we don't need to be running at an 8 something pace on a training run!" I have a tendancy to run like a puppy ... i get all excited and run way faster than I should. By the end of the run i couldn't wait to see the parking lot again - but i didn't feel horrible - i even joked that maybe we should have just done the whole 26. So that was good. My lower back and my shins seem to be the only items that are not happy with me. Oh - I ran into a girl while we were running that I went to college with. She is trying to break 3hrs in her next marathon - so i'm trying to get her to come out and join some of the running groups. It was good to see her again!

After the run I was STARVING - so i knew i was going to go through a drive through of some sort to get something in me quickly - also knew that this was the last day i could really splurge on my diet since i'm going into taper mode (I can not gain ten pounds during my taper again!!) Anyway I wanted to make my splurdge really worth it - didn't want to waste it on a crappy cheeseburger - so I got on the highway and headed straight towards mr hero for my all time favorite - mushroom cheesesteak! I know most people think that is gross - but i drool over their billboards that have pictures of cheesesteaks. I honestly shoveled half of the sandwhich into my mouth as I was pulling out of the parking lot. Overall felt pretty good - tried to take a nap and couldn't fall asleep - so come around 9:30 I went to bed and slept like a baby straight thru the night! Thanks brian for running with me and keeping me on pace!

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Brian said...

Great job getting in your final 20-miler on what was a not-so-great morning for running. Think positive for the next three weeks!