Tuesday, April 08, 2008

big baby

I am such a big baby sometimes!!! Especially in the morning. If you were to see me in the mornings (especially on the days the alarms goes off for me to get down to the gym) - you would be embarrassed for me. I spend more time whining and moaning and trying to rationalize why I shouldn't actually get out of bed. I probably waste a good half an hour of exerecise time because i'm laying there feeling sorry for myself. And then the best is when i get up to swim - you would think someone is asking me to take a dip in arctic waters filled with man eating sharks. If I don't get so whiney that i actually change out of my swimsuit once i'm at the gym and do something else - I walk so slowly out to the pool and then sit on the edge of the pool like i'm walking the plank. I am seriously ridiculous. And everytime after I am done with my workout I say "oh i'm so glad i got up and went to the gym today - i think i'll do it again tomorrow" then comes tomorrow morning - and i'm back to walking the plank! new goal: stop being so whiney and dramatic in the mornings!!! (see that loophole allowes me to be whiney and dramatic at other points during the day!)

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