Thursday, February 28, 2008

back to the pool!

I joined a new rec center last night - so no more excuses for not getting in the pool anymore! I took it slowly last night and just swam 550 yards. Just wanted to get the feel of being in the pool again. I think it has been almost a year since the pool at our rec center was shut down and I haven't swam anywhere else. So needless to say that wasn't helping any of my triathlon plans! But now i have no excuses - My plan for tomorrow a.m. is to swim 1000 yards. We'll see how that goes -- oh and did you notice i said a.m.? And... I actually mean that. Me - the night owl actually went to the gym this morning to run and lift. And.... I have to go tomorrow -b/c the hubby is going to go there to swim and he is my ride to work tomorrow! So that will be two days in one week!! go me! miracles never cease.


Anonymous said...

Attention please!
->> Remove Viruses! <<-

TrainingtoTri said...

Why do you get all these virus comments? I haven't seen them on anyone elses blogs, wierd~!

Good luck getting back into your swimming!

Running on Something said...

i don't know why i'm getting these? anyone know how to stop these?