Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes I'm alive

Wow, it's yet again been a long time since i've had a chance to blog. Work has been crazy busy - don't even have time at lunch to keep up with my blog - and once i get home i usually don't feel like sitting in front of a computer anymore... so enough excuses... what's going on.
Well currently I'm on a two week break from any exercise. I got some moles removed on my leg and i have two rows of eight stitches each on my leg. I would ignore the doctors warning and just go ahead and run- but the stitches are pretty sore just from wrestling with my dog.
So i know i need to write a race report -perhaps i'll have time this afternoon... Right now I'm looking forward to my birthday and anniversary this weekend. I'm antsy because of the no exercise - and i'm not doing well with this whole new dog thing. I don't dislike dogs. They are wonderful creatures that can be a lot of fun. I however am not a good person to have a dog. Steve was out of town two days this week and i ended up in tears both days because of this dog. I think I'm going to have to give this dog back so we can find a better home for him. A pet should not make you cry everyday - it's not fair to you or the dog. I'm sure all you dog lovers out there think i am horrible. But i'd rather find the dog a good home... Anyone want a new dog?


solarsquirrel said...

Why is the dog making you sad?

Brian said...

what kind of dog did you get? a puppy? try the humane society. the dogs are already potty trained and are usually pretty good dogs that with a little training will make a great pet. you can even take it running with you.