Friday, January 09, 2009

Race Time

Wow. As I sit here watching the snow starting to fall - i can't believe that the marathon is here already. I have been running all winter long - but you wouldn't know it to look at my blog. I guess it was because i was doing a different kind of running - running with out crazy goals and workouts with paces planned down to the second. Don't get me wrong - it was important to make sure i got my long runs in - but half the time i didn't even take my garmin - or even remember to start it if I did. And that's ok. Sunday Steve and I will be running his first marathon. I am so excited that i will be able to cross the finish line with him when he finishes his first 26.2. It's nice not be worried about a specific time either. We are just going to finish. I'm even thinking about taking a camera with me so we can really enjoy the whole experience. Where better to run for experience than the magic kingdom? Since I always have to be nervous about something - i'm worried that this snow they are predicting is going to stop us from getting to florida on time. I've even gone so far as to send my race waiver, a copy of my license, and a letter of authorization for a girl at work's aunt who lives in florida to pick up our race packets and drop them at our hotel for us - just in case we don't make it to florida until after the expo closes. Hopefully it will all work out.
After that we will spend a few sunny days enjoying the parks and then it is back for the frozen I mean buckeye 50k. I'm hoping i can do the whole thing - but we'll see what i'm able to do. 26.2 miles is still a lot to do the week before a 50k - even if we are taking it easy at disney. We'll see what happens. Perhaps I'll just hike the half marathon portion of the 50k ha! we shall see. Wish us luck!


E-Speed said...

good luck and have fun!

solarsquirrel said...

You need to update your blog!!!!