Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Trot

So Steve and I ran the turkey trot for this first time this thanksgiving. let me tell you - i am so glad that we signed up ahead of time - b/c there is no way i would have gotten up that morning to go run if I had not already paid my money and had my goofy turkey t-shirt in hand. Let me start by saying i love running in the snow...but i hate hate hate running in 34-40 rainy cold nastiness -- and that is exactly what was in store for me when i woke up the morning. funny it was 65 degrees the previous afternoon -- ahh gotta love ohio. So anyway I decided to just get the five miles in - not to worry too much about my time -- - just get out there and run. Well the race started and I almost got run over by some chocolate lab that was not on a leash - that was just having a grand old time running in between all the runners and barking at other dogs. there were an awful lot of dogs out there on thursday -- not sure why. but i digress -- the first mile was sooooo long and when i got there the guy said "9:20" and I was like oh well guess it's going to be a bad day. then i remembered to check the time on my watch... "7:45" much better. So instead of slowing down on mile two like i always seem to do - i made it my goal to catch as many people as I could. The race went really well from there on out. The only real tough part was where the race turned to go down and around brown's stadium. I was thinking to myself - oh good you can speed up here on the downhill -- not so much -- the wind was blowing so hard and the rain had turned into sleet/ice so i was running with one eye shut trying to make it down the hill. Now i have fallen down hills before -- but i have never had this much trouble getting to the bottom of a hill!! it was a relief when we turned to go back up the hill and the wind was at our backs! Anyway - five miles - final time 40:55 -- 26 out of 198 in my age group-- and something like 549 out of 1875 or something like that -- i am very happy -- goal next year - -top ten in my age group and next five miler -- breaking 40... enough rambling for now... happy running!!

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E-Speed said...

nice job! Cleveland wind is brutal!