Tuesday, November 20, 2007

funny outfits

ok - since i haven't written in so long i have a lot of thoughts to share today. Yesterday - got home from work and got dressed for my run. Black running tights (very proud of myself - have gotten over enough self-consciousness to actually wear tights in public with out shorts over them) bright orange long sleeve shirt, water belt, reflective vest for safety and topped it all off with one red glove and one teal glove. For those of you that have run with us - you will note that steve and i have about four sets of these one teal glove, one red glove combinations -- why we can't pair the correct colors together you ask? not sure - apparently we think dressing like a clown will help our run. who knows. well i was sitting there looking at how stinking dark it is outside thinking to myself -- so much for the running ephinany of earlier in the day - i do not want to go out into the dark. then i looked at myself in the mirror and said i should not go out in public like this -- i look insane -- kind of like a rambo crossing guard -- i tried to take a picture with my cell phone but it didn't come out real clear - hopefully i can upload it. But looking at my ridiculousness i realized that this is part of why i do this... is it ridiculous to go run in the dark where there are no sidewalks dressed like a clown when other people are sitting on their nice warms couches? yes it is - and that is exactly what i love about running. I took my watch - not to time myself - simply to make sure i had some idea of how long i was out there for - and i just ran. I simply ran - I got stuck in the middle of hillside road where it was pitch black with no sidewalks. i had to jump out of the way of several cars who apparently could not see my stylish vest -- but i made it safe and sound and thoroughly enjoyed my run. I felt like I was jogging the whole time - not putting out to much effort -- i mapped out where i had gone when i got home... 6.5 miles at exactly a 9 minute pace -- pretty good for being just an easy jog for me. Imagine if i would have pushed it...

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TrainingtoTri said...

I found you blog from elizabeths. I'm kind of in the same boat, I am working on getting faster as well and want to do a sub 4 hour marathon someday! If you've run a sub 21 5K before, you can do it again! Good luck to you!