Friday, February 20, 2009

i've forgotten how to run

I have taken a month off from running. This is why:

1 week: recovery from disney and buckeye 50k/turned into half mary
2 weeks: giant hole in my leg and stitches - no exercise allowed
1 week: was fighting a bit of a bug - learned my lesson in october not to push it when sick - you end up getting sicker.

So - this week I was starting fresh. Why is it that the week you "start" over again - you have 800 billion other things going on in your life that make it really hard to get work outs in? It is friday morning and thus far on my "starting fresh" week I ran 5 hideously slow and painful miles on Tuesday night. That's it. 5 freaking miles at a pace slower than what my planned marathon pace was back in october. How the heck am I going to run the national half marathon on march 21st and pittsburgh marathon on may 3rd in an respectable amount of time if i'm running 5 crappy miles a week? I'm planning on running tonight and then getting in my long run this weekend... but i feel like i'm starting from scratch. How can 1 month off kill my fitness level this badly? What would happen if i had a real injury and had to take actual time off? I'd probably be running 20 minute miles if I had to take more than a month off! ugh i am so frustrated! I'm not worried about getting a great pr or anything in pittsburgh - i've learned that races are way more fun if you don't put that kind of pressure on yourself - but good lord i don't want to run 2 hrs slower than i should be capable! At this rate i'm going to see if i can start pittsburgh early with the walkers! ha! ugh.

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