Friday, March 14, 2008

friday morning runs

Decided yesterday that I needed a day off - was beginning to feel a little burned out. So the hubby and I made dinner and drank some wine while watching tv - with ...get this... our windows open - yes it was actually that warm that we had the windows open for most of the early evening...woo hoo.

For the 2nd friday in a row i've run with espeed before work. I think it is clear that i am not a morning person - however I love running on friday mornings for some reason. It just seems like a great start to the weekend. Maybe it's because when I leave work - I can just relax - and not try and squeeze a run in. Plus I just like running with espeed on her easier days b/c they really push me - and I think running with someone who pushes me is the only way I seem to get out of my pace rut. I just always hope i don't slow her down too much!
Anway last week - we had a minor injury to report during the run - a parking lot sign reached out and bit me in the arm last week - scared me more than hurt me - still I learned to watch out for those darn signs (especially when it is windy out!) However today was a more significant injury report - poor espeed found a nice piece of ice and took a nasty spill. Being the trooper that she is - she brushed herself off and kept going. It wasn't til we got a few miles further down the road that she discovered the real damage she did to her hip... Do you remember the scene in the movie A League of Their Own where the girl's hip is all bruised and scrapped from sliding on the bases? I think e speed might have a bruise to rival this! Anyway that's all for now - happy weekend to all of you!


E-Speed said...

Thanks for running with me! Your funny. And by the by today was not an easy run for me (I didn't tell you before hand because I didn't want you to run even faster!) Today was base mileage for me so the pace we ran was actually perfect. If I had been on my own I am sure I would have run slower. Each time I run with you I think it will be a bit easier but you are getting too fast for my easy days! I think I'll keep you on my base mileage days though, you keep me honest!

TrainingtoTri said...


THen I guess Ben or Aaron? We found out Sun last night. We know Ben makes it for sure, but he probably wouldn't count in that total and I don't know if Aaron does either since he was in Claire's belly. Such a great show! Hope you had a good race today.