Thursday, January 17, 2008

11 miles and i'm down for the count...

I've been trying really hard to make sure that with all the craziness that is my life and the wedding and work right now - that i make sure that i make time to get my long runs in on the weekends. The weekly mileage isn't quite where i want - but at least i've been able to keep building my long runs. I even went as far as to take a half day vacation the friday of my bachlorette party so i could get my long run in! So this past saturday I set out to do my 11 mile run - hoping to maintain an overall 8:35 pace. Well I started off really well - running closer to 8:10's. It was a great day for running and I was happy with my run. Well on my way out I saw a girl running towards me - i gave her the runner nod hello and kept going in oppposite directions. Well I went about 1.5 miles more out before turning around. Well not too long after i turned around i caught up to this girl. I'm no speed demon - but it was clear to me that i was running faster than this girl since I caught up with her fairly easily. Well as i'm running next to her i realize that she is holding her cell phone in her hand and running while talking on speaker phone. I couldn't handle being by that for more than a few moments so i passed her and moved on. Well as luck would have it i get stopped at the next light - and here comes old cell phone talker. well that's fine i'll just speed up -- well as i speed up - she speeds up - like she's trying to race me - well she starts huffing and puffing b/c she's talking on the phone - and i pick it up a little more and I get away from her. Well i look down and notice my shoe is untied. Stop to tie my shoe and the next light and here she comes again! She tries to stay with me again - so i just kicked it in and got the hell away from her. why would you want to try and stay next to someone and make them listen to your phone conversation about people at work?
So the rest of the run went well til about mile 9. I started to get a little dizzy - but realized that i could really slow down the last two miles and get the time i wanted. well i got to the point where i was barely picking up my feet - and yes the last half mile was straight up hill - but still. Well i got in the car and was happy with my time 1hr 36 min for a little over 11 miles -
Well i rushed home shoved a little food in me even though i was starving during the run. long story short - met my friends at the mall to help me pick out an outfit for the rehearsal dinner. we didn't eat dinner til 9 o'clock - by that time i was so sick i had to go home - i couldn't stay out to help my friend celebrate her birthday. Well by the time i got home - things got way worse - i spent the next three days throwing up with a fever and all sorts of body aches. Ended up going to the doctor. stomach flu. just what a girl needs 2 and half weeks before her wedding! i ended up missing two days of work - i don't think i've ever missed two days of work in a row for being sick! Anyway finally feeling better today - don't think my body is quite ready for a run yet though - so i may not reach my goal of keeping with my long runs.


TrainingtoTri said...

AWesome job on your run, that sounds really annoying though! How odd. There is a lady in my neighborhood who power walks and talks on her phone everyday, but at least she is walking.

I hope you feel better soon. At least you have 2 weeks, you will for sure be over the flu by then, just look at it that way.

Brian said...

I wonder if cell phone lady has a blog and if she had anything to say about you "baiting" her!! Girls are too competitive : )

E-Speed said...

sorry about the stomach flu!

Sounds like you had a great run though.

Looking forward to the wedding!

Teresa said...

Hey you! I want to see wedding pics whether its on your webpage or at my house so you can meet the boys! Let me know!!! And we want to see honeymoon pics too! Just leave the "special" ones at home:)