Wednesday, December 05, 2007

holly cow!

58 days til we get married. agghh!!! just needed to share the fact that i am overwhelmed with life at the moment... why can't my work just pay me to plan my wedding and let someone else do my work?? maybe i should see if they'll let me have a co-op - then i can make the co-op do all of my wedding planning. how funny would that be? I just can't believe we are down to 58 days -- that means we can actually apply for our marriage liscense. I remember telling steve after we set the date that it seemed as though we were never going to get married b/c it was so far away -- now here it is creeping up quickly!!
I think i am losing my mind... My boss told me that i need to see a doctor after I showed up to work an hour and half late because I
1.) i overslept
2.) i had to return to the house to check if the iron was plugged in
3.) had to return to check if my straightner was plugged in
4.) had to return to the house to look for my cell phone that was in pocket.
5.) got to work and said i thought i might need to go home to see if the stove was turned on
6.) told him about how i managed to get cheese all over my floor and sock that morning which delayed me as well.

Now in addition to that my cell phone is playing games with me. i have spent probably a good hour and a half this week alone looking for the darned thing. my favorite was yesterday when i finally pulled into a wallmart parking lot to try and track the bugger down in my car -- well i found it under the drivers seat -but i couldn't get it or my hand out from under the seat for a good five minutes...

ok that's it -going crazy and thought i'd let you all in on it.

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A. M. Mericsko said...

Hey girlie-

Got your comment on my blog. It is official, we are nerd blogger friends now. : ) Lets go grab a brew sometime!