Wednesday, March 28, 2007

who needs to train for a half marathon?

Ok - so it's been a rough couple of months, my leg was hurt, my back was hurt etc... i know whine and complain whine and complain. Well i took about two - two and half months off of running. I started swimming a bunch and spinning on the trainer to keep in shape - but no running - save the 5k chili bowl that I ran. I missed st malachi and to catch a leprechaun (i'm pretty upset about not having these shirts) So long story short - a while back i signed up for the DC National 1/2 marathon. Steve and I were planning on going down there, do some sight seeing, visit his cousins and I would run the race. Well seeing as how I haven't run over six miles since I crossed the finish line at Nike on October 22nd - i wasn't sure how this race was going to well. Well i just started running - up behind the capital building - down to the washington monument... it was one of the best feeling races I've ever run. I ended up beating my first half marathon time by a minute or two and I finished that race with the biggest smile on my face ever. I looked over at Steve and said "Who says you need to train for a half marathon?" I was so happy that i was able to run the race that well let alone run the whole thing with out being swept off the course. I didn't think I had it in me after such a long break. So post race rap up - everything felt really good - think my leg is back to normal back isn't doing to bad - so it's back to running this week. Hopefully when the cinci 1/2 marathon comes around in 5 weeks I'll be a little more physically prepared and hopefully I'll be able to run it just like DC -- no overanalysing -- just enjoying the run for the sake of the run. I'm thinking about doing the towpath marathon in the fall -- anyone have any thoughts on that one?

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E-Speed said...

I've been considering towpath. It's the same day as Steamtowna and Chicago which are others I am considering too.

Glad you had a good race! Hopefully we can hook up down at the pig! I am going down this weekend to scope out the course.